7 Myths About Stories In Video Games That You Should Not Believe

GB: "Anyone who’s ever discussed gaming in open forum will realise that it is a medium that is plagued by prejudice at every turn. Though it becomes a more socially excepted and understood practice with each passing day, there are still those that believe ridiculous urban myths about gaming that are spouted by conservative groups who abhor the practice. No element of gaming is misunderstood quite as much as story-telling, and here are the seven big wives tales that need de-bunking. This list is likely to contain spoilers."

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Ayepecks2922d ago

Kind of preaching to the choir, no?

TopDudeMan2922d ago

Yeah, it's like the article is saying "here are some things you probably already know, but we're gonna tell you again, anyway"

wallis2922d ago

It's a pretty redundant article. I don't get why they'd take time out of their day to write this. Nothing they mention is a "myth", and it's nothing but the most conceited load of crap to think that they need to bestow this rare and precious knowledge to us fools.

Pikajew2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I never like stories in games, I always find them boring and cliche. Probably because I read a lot of books.

Shubhankar2922d ago

Um, so? I read a lot of books too, but I often find stories in video games extremely interesting. Your statement makes zero sense.

kaveti66162922d ago

It made perfect sense to me.

Good literature has character development, themes, morals, foils, red herrings, macguffins, mystery, introspection, and so on.

Video game stories are over the top, overdone, bullshit. Complete rubbish.

Halo, Gears of War, Half Life, Resistance, Killzone, Doom, Quake, Red Faction all come from the same mold.

Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield all come from the same mold.

The stories found in video games are usually very cliche'd. The characters are shallow, the danger is immediate and threatens humanity, the enemies are usually aliens or megalomaniacs, the protagonists are somehow the "only hope for humanity."

It's all complete garbage.

Read a book. If you think video game plots are good, then you haven't been reading the right books.

Reading the Halo novels or the Gears of War books or books based on video games don't count.

undercovrr2922d ago

Most games yes, but some games out there have amazing stories. Look at the classic gaming examples: The Metal Gear Series, Half life series, Portal, Heavy Rain, etc.

kaveti66162922d ago

Heavy Rain?

It has the plot of a Lifetime made-for-tv movie.

MariaHelFutura2922d ago

He's probably talking about the bible. :)

Baka-akaB2922d ago

It's a bit arrogant indeed, there as as many predicable and clichés books , especially in the fantasy genres .

And both hobbies were never mutually exclusives

Saladfax2922d ago

I have a small tendency to agree, but it simply makes me all the more impressed when a game with a good story comes along.

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sonicsidewinder2922d ago

Gamingbolt stepping it up a notch.

TWO items per page! wow!

Karooo2922d ago

It's good actually. Prevents readers from skimming the entire article, since it must have taken a lot of effort.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2922d ago

Holt sh*t! A list on n4g? Hav'nt seen one of those in a while. -__________-

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