Off-Screen Footage of Battlefield 3's Davamand Peak Surfaced

TechNoid writes: "GeForce Lan 6 gave gamers the chance to try out Davamand Peak, better known as Basejump, for their own."

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zeksta2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Just a quick heads up to people judging this map.

Due to this being on TDM mode the map will be quite small, Conquest and Rush version are much bigger, still quite amazing none the less! :D

Also, I'm laughing at the guy's talking about random shit in the background, funny as hell!

@fl1pp13, No problem!

fl1pp132919d ago

Thanks for mentioning!

deadpoole2919d ago

PPL of Omicron Persei 8 ... BF3 will be awesome ... period. Long Live Play.

WANNAGETHIGH2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I dont know why people are dieing for large maps,It takes 5min to find a player and when u finally find a player u get sniped by a camper hiding in only God knows where in the map. And dont even give me that crap that BF does not have campers,In the Beta all i was seeing is people lieing prone in the bushes. Even in BF2 i see people camping on the hills just almost outside the map where it gives u 10seconds to get back to the main map. Any way im a TDM player so if the maps are smaller during TDM as it should be i would b happy :)

@sh0ckwave add me on psn if u game on ps3 my ID is jon_abobo and i will prove to u i played and still play BF2.

SH0CKW4VE2919d ago

Somebody didnt play BF2!

But see those Massive Dumper trucks....

DICE, drivable, Big Truck, squash, make it happen/

Elwenil2919d ago

We want big maps so that if there are campers, we can flank around them. None of that BS where you go 20 yards to the left and there is some magic fence that an atom bomb can't destroy or walk 20 yards to the right and find an impenetrable wall of bushes that rivals a bank vault. It's all about options in your tactics.

TitanUp2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

don't you mean battlefield bad company 2? bf2 never came out on ps3,bf3 is the sequel to one of the greatest multiplayer games ever

radiantmind132919d ago

If you get sniped in bf on a large map running towards the objective or where ever you're going it's your own damn fault. Don't run in a straight line in the open. Move from cover try to spot the sniper or flank them. This is not cod and you don't have to run out like a headless chicken. If you do you will be punished by an easy headshot.

zeksta2919d ago

Seems getting high has eliminated a few brain cells, eh? ;)

BF2 = Battlefield 2 (PC Only game)
BFBC 2 = Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Not BF2, considering that's what you think it is)(Multi-Platform Game)

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MariaHelFutura2919d ago

Conquest is an option on every map.

ATi_Elite2919d ago

this guy's game play is annoying the hell outta me! every time he goes to use the RPG he has to reload it....thus ends up getting shot while reloading.

1. Fire RPG
2. Duck n cover
3. reload rpg
4. RPG is now ready the next time you need it!

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Surfaced2919d ago

Wow. I'm at GeForce LAN 6 right now, and I've spent maybe 6 hours playing BF3 on the 64 rigs they have set up. There is a "still pics, no video" policy, though. Not sure how this guy managed to record them for 5 whole minutes.

Take a look at one of my tour videos. In this one, I show the whole BF3 Tourney area:

Hufandpuf2919d ago

You having tour videos is nice and all... BUT HOW IS THE GAME!? Lol

Surfaced2919d ago

Great. Actually after sitting down at their custom rigs, realizing how amazing the experience is when you're given top-notch EVERYTHING, it becomes clear how successful NVIDIA and their sponsors must be. Playing BF3 like that will convince you it's time to upgrade your stuff. And they've got all the info you want right here.

IDK what to tell you about the game that you don't already know.

But I do feel that in general, the notification system for when an enemy has locked on-to your vehicle should be clarified or revamped. I've seen at least 4 different notifiers on the HUD for roughly the same problem: you need to dodge quickly or you will die.

killajd2919d ago

Did anyone else notice that that was no respawn time for the guy that we were watching play. He just kept repawning real quick... When I played I had to wait like 6-10 secs before playing again and that was with pc and ps3

Hufandpuf2919d ago

Repaying was on rush mode. I think they decreased the Respawn time so that there will be less spawn camping.

Gamer-Z2919d ago

You know that guy is a COD player by the way he just stays in one spot jumping and shooting at everything that moves.