Is this the sexiest videogame character ever?

OXM UK: "I can't believe I've actually just written that headline entirely of my own accord. But here we are, and I'm calling it: Dance Central 2's Miss Aubrey isn't just an astonishingly well-rendered vision of lady-ness - she's the sexiest videogame character ever created. Ever."

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CloseSecond2920d ago

Wow. A gamer getting his jollies off on a digital render. Go figure.

TheColbertinator2920d ago

I think this is the sexiest character ever

Kran2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Gay :)

Not the locust. Locust are cool.

Just... Gay :D

bumnut2920d ago

If you find computer game characters sexy, your name should be on some kind of register.

wenaldy2920d ago

LOL, jerking off on pixels..

Kran2920d ago

Its Lara Croft all over again.

maxqubit2920d ago

At least the poster isn't a big hypocrite:)

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