Perfect 10/10 for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune from Play

Play writes:
"It's taken nearly a year for Naughty Dog's first game to emerge on the PS3-short order for a game of this magnitude. Part of Sony's elite first-party contingent-the most influential in all the land-Naughty Dog broke altogether new ground on PlayStation with Crash Bandicoot and PS2 with the Jak & Daxter series, but could they three-peat with a game that bears no resemblance to their creature-based juggernauts? An adventure grounded in duck 'n' cover and environmental acrobatics? …Oh yeah. I consider Naughty Dog among the top five developers in the world, but even I had my doubts on this one. From the flamboyant Jak to a guy in a T-shirt… How do you build a franchise around a guy in a T-shirt?"

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Brian52473989d ago

lolololol no games in 2008!

razer3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

anymore desperate and insecure??

However, this is a great game and deserves at least a 9.0 IMO. But your comments about the 360 are completely wrong.

EDIT: This site sucks! This azzhole troll gets agreed with and I get disagreed with. So I guess it's time to get more offtopic and just start spamming every thread with the same comments.. And at MK_RED - I own both systems so I don't give a crap.

MK_Red3989d ago

Can't you both just enjoy what you have?
360 already has BioShock, Mass Effect and more and in 2008, it's getting Ninja Gaiden 2, Alan Wake, Fable 2 and more all of which are great games.
PS3 already has Uncharted, Rathcet & Clank TOD and more. For 2008 it's getting MGS4, FFXIII, Heavy Rain and more superb games.

All systems have their great games so instead of trolling here and attacking each others systems, go and play what you have and enjoy being a gamer instead of a blind fanboy.

Watkins3989d ago

Funny thing is, Play magazine Sweden rated it 7 or 8, can't actually remember, more than that they didn't like it that much.
I adore it!

Violater3989d ago

Too human, Allan Awake, Project Offset,
probably more we don't know about.

Ps3 just has more heavy hitters we do know are coming.

Personally I hope Project Offset goes multi it looks interesting.
my 2 cents don't crucify me.

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MK_Red3989d ago

Uncharted is a superb game and definitly better than 8s and 8.5s it got from GameSpot and some others.

This season, gamers should abandon reviews and try the games for themselves. Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Uncharted are all AAA games that should be played by every gamer.

lonestarmt3989d ago

this is really the best and most fun action game you will play all year. The fortress level was soo cool. Another great game I can't wait to show off my ps3 with!!

MK_Red3989d ago

Well, while I love Uncharted, I have to go with God of War 2 and Ratchet & Clank TOD as my fave action games.

Danja3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

While agree that GOW2 was a freakin awesome game one of my fav for the year...but I don't really think you can put R&C , Uncharted and GOW2 in the same category...but great games none the less

Great review nice to see people actually playing the game and reviewing it and giving unbiased opinions...and not take off personal points for it beign a PS3 game i've played all year..srry GOW2..!!

MK_Red3989d ago

I agree that Ratchet, Uncharted and GOW2 don't belong to the same category but the talk was about action games in general not in genres. R&C TOD is a shooter / platformer. Uncharted is an action/adventure / platformer. God of War 2 is a hack-n-slash / action/adventure.

SeanScythe3989d ago

I'm glad this game is getting the reviews that is deserves. This game really is the best game I have ever played. I have never stopped durring a game just to view the world I'm playing in, this game although not as vast as Oblivion it the most detailed and beautiful game yet to date on a console. Just glad I own a PS3 so I got to play it and enjoy the story. Can't wait for the next game in the series.

Feihc Retsam3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

If you've never stopped to appreciate the game world you are playing in before this game, you need to go pick yourself up a copy of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2 (if you own a PS3 that supports Backward Compatibility).

Since I just picked up COD4 and Halo 3, they are taking up a lot of my gaming time, I still havent picked up Uncharted because I think I will simply add it to my Gamerang list as a long-term rental.

SeanScythe3989d ago

Oh man I forgot all about them both, I did play them but SOTC was a sweet game I have to say it was just as impressive as Uncharted. The only thing is that Uncharted is full of color, on SOTC it was't as colorful. I pray we get a SOTC2 or even better for the PS3 from team ICO. I see a bright future for the PS3 in the coming years and I'm glad I get to taste it all.

PlayStation3603989d ago

imagine Ico and SotC combined into 1 game with next-gen graphics :)
Come on Team Ico, give us some info.

Gothdom3989d ago

It's about time this game gets a score it deserves. ok, it might be a 9.0 game, but the 10 makes up for gamespot's stupid review.

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