[TBDW?] RAGE Review (Xbox 360)

More than 100 years after the comet Apophis almost wiped the planet of all existence, I awake within my cryo-chamber with a disembodied voice for company. Something has malfunctioned on the ARK. After ensuring my motor skills are as they should be with some help from the ARK's onboard computer, I make my way to the hatch door that will open the way to a land full of new dangers and striking beauty. Taking just a few steps from the ARK, I marvel at the beauty of my surroundings. A few more steps and I'm attacked! Knocked to the ground and set upon by a rather angry looking individual.

This is RAGE. Id Software's latest gift to the gaming world.

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Pintheshadows2920d ago

This game is Marmite. You love it or hate it. I personally thought it was great.