The Annoyance Of An Online Pass To An Offline Gamer

The Online Pass debate has gathered a lot of steam over this past week as it was announced that one would be included in Batman: Arkham City, a game that has nothing that an Online Pass can logically be applied to.

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Baka-akaB2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"A borderline example of what irritates me is Alice: Madness Returns. This game gifted new users with a free copy of the original American McGee’s Alice for download, provided it was purchased new, while those with pre-owned copies had to pay for the privilege to download it."

And do you want fries with that ? Why should used alice copies automatically be given the first game for free ?

It's a promo to incite players to support the title , and here you are , indeed spending money for the game , but with none of it going to them .

Disagrees away ...
Not a fan of online passes , but some of the arguments advanced are often ludicrous .

Hockeydud192922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Well if your an offline gamer, how are you supposed to get that content? That's really not fair. I think they should make it so content like that, if you don't have access to XBL or PSN, should be posted on their site and allow gamers to type in their code and download it on a USB stick and transfer it over. If you don't have any internet at all, well tough luck.

Not an offline gamer btw, I can just see how offline gamers feel like their getting ripped.

KingSlayer2922d ago

By not being offline. And if you can download a code to transfer to USB, you don't have to be offline.

Baka-akaB2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

If you're able to patch a game , wich i doubt you cant as a ps3/360 owner .. you can certainly activate the content i'd say

I'm sorry but if you are with either and no intenet access ... you have far bigger problems than online passes to worry about .

A temporary iniability to access , for technical reasons , would be a better excuse ... even then , its temporary and shit happens

Gohadouken2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Er ... sounds more like someone would be trying really hard to never go online and go through far more troubles to do it , than the few hoop jumps needed to activate online passes .

I dont see how any of it prevents offline gaming , unless you make some silly choice of never being able to do anything online for even 1 min .

Are we going to pretend it stopped people from playing Half life 2 online years ago ? It didnt , so why would it now ?

firelogic2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

You're using the internet to post these ridiculously stupid articles. It can't take you very long to, I don't know, get your console online. It's not rocket science. Who owns a next-gen system with absolutely no access to the internet?

Sure some people don't have inet access. And those people will get the short end of the stick. Hey, I want to play Crysis at ultra high settings but my PC doesn't meet the requirements. So what should Crytek do? Buy me a new PC? No, I live with the fact that I don't have the pieces to get the most out of the game I bought.

2922d ago
Redempteur2921d ago

If you dont have an internet connexion then why care about online pass ?
if you dont have any desire to play online then why care about online pass ?

It just seems silly

LawlessSXE2921d ago

Wow... some of the commenters here are dumb as concrete. You do know that there are portions of the civilised world that do not have access to broadband due to oversights by Telecom companies.

Matter of fact, I'm one of them. And I've annoyed them and hounded them, but no progress has been made since I began my crusade three years ago. I live in an area that they see as being too much on the margin to bother, in spite of the fact that I could move five kilometres down the road and have ADSL. As tempting as that is, there are more important things in my life than a broadband connection, and so I get by through a combination of dial-up and a 3G modem, neither of which can be hooked up to a modern console... Something that I'm sure the author does also.

Oh, and first commenter, did you read past that line, the writer explains why he refers to that as a "borderline example":
"I consider that to be a borderline example because it is offering extraneous content to the core game. " He isn't asking for it to be free, but that it is borderline to what annoys him with online passes.


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Tony P2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

A lot of you really come off as condescending asses right now, assuming everyone in the world has convenient internet and those who don't are living in mud huts or something.

Hockeydud192922d ago

That's whats pissing me off about some of these comments. They make it sound like everyone that plays video games has an internet connection.

Gohadouken2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Well you're the ones pretending the comments mention something about being online all the time ... but kudos .

Hell you even make me smile . I dont have net access at home ... havent for the past month as i'm in the process of moving to a new house .

i squat my bro's or friends internet when possible , or go at workspace and free wifi access places with a tablet .

Cherry on top of the cake :

-bandwith was limited , and will be whatever other isp i choose .

- i dont play online for the moment and only care about sp games and offline fighting games. I couldnt even touch resistance 3 for the campaign till i took the time and found the means to patch it , as even the campaign was buggy .

i'm more concerned by this than you lot , and yet i dont go around complaining that it's sick and impossible .

AGAIN . The solutions for it are less an hassle so far , than insisting upon never being able to find a moment or place to validate a fricking code .

And again where were you guys when Half life 2 and plenty other games were released with online activation ?

I find it awesome that you guys force yourself to ignore everything other point and solutions proposed .

Like ultimately , in worst case scenarios fricking game stores proposing such services for a fee ?

SilentNegotiator2922d ago

That's of no concern to Mr. 90210, over there, though. He obviously lives in a Brave New World.

Apologists keep playing the "ZOMG just buy new whats so hard bout that" card, while people without online connection and multiple consoles/accounts get a swift, severe pain in the rear.

Passes are bad for EVERYONE. Customer's right of ownership to their copy of the game, new buyer's use limited to a set number of accounts/systems, a billion dollar industry that create thousands of local jobs for young people is hurt, less fans are created because people are less likely to try out a game, and big names like Call of Duty continue to be the only thing millions of gamers risk buying.

2922d ago
Vaud-Villian2922d ago

Update your firmware and activate your codes at your local Starbucks, bam. If you don't have Internet than the pros of having it aren't justified by the cons of not having it, activation code dilemma included. It's all choice. Might be more fiscally responsible to buy used if your intention is not to go online.

Of course, I do find it hilarious a guy has a blog on the Internet but cant go on the Internet.

Op242922d ago

@ Vaud

Straight from the article which I'm 99.9% positive you didn't read.

"However, the Playstation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 and now Batman: Arkham City are examples of exactly what should not be done with the liberty of an Online Pass, as it excludes a portion of the gaming community from what is advertised as the full experience. Believe it or not, there are gamers out there that are unable to connect their consoles to the internet, myself included. As a result of this, locking out single player content out of some misguided corporate greed simply stinks."

Gohadouken2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I dont know what's your beef and obsession with me .

I'm far from having answers to everything , and am not the one beong flippantly aggressive here .

I just answer what i think , shockingly , or can only vouch for my own experience .
Meanwhile i see people just ignoring everything else and repeating "but what if you dont hve the net ?" as if no one argued about such cases ?

Vaud-Villian2921d ago

of course I read it, how else would I know the guy personally states he can't use his code due to lack of Internet access while voicing this concern through Internet access.

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KingSlayer2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

If you want everything included in the new, retail version of a game...BUY THE NEW, RETAIL VERSION OF THE GAME. WTF is so hard to understand?

EDIT: What's snobby about stating facts? You want everything a dev states is included in the NEW, retail version of their product, buy the goddamn game new. You want to play offline? Quit whining and move along.

Hockeydud192922d ago

I just knew we wouldn't get through this article without a snobby comment like that. Go read the article or maybe even the title. OFFLINE.

Baka-akaB2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

even offline gaming require internet access with patches alone .

And you do have friends and family with internet . You could always go over there , ativate whatever you need from the console and in some case from a website .

LawlessSXE2921d ago

Again Baka, you must be dense. Games can be played offline. Patches are not necessary to make a game work, though they may improve the performance. If you mean firmware updates, they're included on game discs, genius.

As for the second past of your comment: sure, it could be done but why should one have to.

Baka-akaB2922d ago

Precisely . Couldnt have said it better .

i'm not ok with the idea of assuming everyone is a thief from the get go .... but let's not pretend rights are being trampled here and in most cases

Op242922d ago

Aside from the comments above me I see this in a few different ways.

1)Some people still pay for connections and only get a limited amount of downloaded information a month. Kinda like Cell phones. So the internet is only used for needs and not gaming. So if a gamer buys a copy of a game new they're missing out on the extra content they PAID for.

2) If its online DLC for an online pass so be it, but stuff that shouldn't need an online connection really should be included on the disc. Especially at release day.

"You want everything a dev states is included in the NEW, retail version of their product, buy the goddamn game new. You want to play offline? Quit whining and move along."

- I'm sorry, but that in no way is a legitimate point. What if someone like him has no choice, but to play offline. You'd be "whining" too if you were in the situation, hell even I would. I bet on the back of the box it says Catwoman DLC included.

Gohadouken2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

1 . Going in an online store to validate a code doesnt use squat from your limited bandwith . Argument works only for downloading content , and even them it depend upon the size . PLus you could always wait for your monthly refill of bandwith

2 . If part of the stuff is sold precisely for new game owners , it doesnt matter if it is online or not . You have a choice presenting itself to you . Support the game fully or dont but bear the consequences , while still being allowed used copies .

3. Many games stores actually give you a paid andmost of the time relatively cheap service to patch your game , update your firmware and help you in such matters

Let's stop hypothetising about some unlucky sob in the middle of the tundra managing to buy consoles with a huge emphase on online , even for solo games , but can't have access to internet at home , office , friends or families house , on his cellphone , a macdonald or kfc etc ...

Again seems like someone would be trying much harder to avoid getting access ... than having troubles getting one .

2922d ago
Gohadouken2922d ago

i didnt mention bringing a console to mcdonald come on . You can as an ex access your psn store on web bowrser you know and use your code there ?

And who the F are you to judge how i got the bubbles ? It's not like i'm insulting anyone here and just debate like everyone else .

TUGA2922d ago

Yep you can redeem the code but can you download the content?

OrbMalmot2922d ago

Online Pass ?
Just a new move from Game publishers to get a hold on a market they did not care about beforehand.

The preown business helped the whole video game industry to rise, back then in the late 80's and the beginning of the 90's.

Now that the VG industry is the leading entertainment industry, Game publisher want their share of the preown business without too much of an effort.

They could be rightly making money there too, if they provided a REAL service, ie hiring people, renting shops, managing stocks.

But no, they just add a lock on something you paid for with hard earned cash.

You know what? I'll start doing the same at work tomorrow:no pass, no full service delivered ;)

MasterD9192922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Everyone saw this shouldn't surprise anyone. All you can do is attempt to cushion the blow as much as you can by either buying the game new or waiting for it to go on sale and springing for the pass.

There are worse cases of this happening such as MK's online pass which prevents you from playing online on any other console other than your own.

People keep using the argument of what about if you are on offline gamer...

That is the price you play for using a next gen system without an internet connection. These consoles were designed for it. It's like using an entire fridge to cool down 1 can of soda.

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