Top 3 Open World Games You Shouldn't Miss this Holiday Season

Velocity Gamer: This holiday season will literally have you dig a grave for your wallet. So to help you figure out which games your wallet will be most happy dying for, I will be doing these top 3 lists once a week until Santa hits your home. For the first week checkout which open world games I'm looking forward to the most.

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MrGunny942919d ago

Actually i'm waiting to buy these around Feb-April-May... all of them... since it's single player and all of them take some time to finish ( i want to finish them atleast at 60%) i'll wait for them to get on sales and buy it in summer

In the meanwhile i got BF3,MW3 and some other games coming this fall ;)

Relientk772919d ago

I'll get Skyrim and Assassin's Creed Revelations

Xenial2919d ago

I'll pass on SR3: Skryim and ACR Revelations are definitely on my list.

OcelotRigz2919d ago

I'll end up playing all these games, sooner or later, but Skyrim, man that's just gonna destroy my gaming schedule.

SITH2919d ago

3. Rent

2. Rent

1. Purchase.

SITH2918d ago

I made it simple as possible, for simple people. Glad you like it.

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