Where Will Halo 4 Lead Us Next?

So a whole new Halo trilogy was announced at E3, but since then we’ve had no new details. Understandably, this has led to fans are asking questions about it, chief among them: “Where will this latest game take us next in the Halo universe?”

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Criminal2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I wish it'll be new set of races, which would give the game a breath of fresh air.

MrGunny942928d ago

I think they're starting everything again... atleast preparing themselfs for next gen for sure... I guess with Halo 4 all the mysteries will end about the Forerunners... with that Halo 5, might bring us FRESH..content... by this i mean a turn of events that make them discover other races in other galaxys or even other universe... who knows

Although i want to see how 343 is gonna handle the idea of Master Chief being stuck with that suit forever... maybe they will upgrade it somehow we saw the boosters on his back in the trailer... we'll see

DarkBlood2928d ago

stuck with that suit like a bionic part or something as in a part of him if any attempt to remove it he would die?

Hockeydud192927d ago

Don't really see how Chief could take it off? I mean, he's in space after all lol

morganfell2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I don't think they will wait until 2014 to release HALO 4. There is no need. HALO spanned two hardware generations and that worked out great.

And it will be at least 2014 before the next Xbox or PlayStation launches. I don't want to wait that long for a new title. If there is any validity in the video showing the HALO Anniversary menu then perhaps it will come to this generation sooner than we think.

Personally I want to see the events detailed in the Fall of Reach. The beginning of the Spartans. I want to game the Chief fighting for his survival in the present as he recalls his kidnapping/selection, training, augmentation, and first deployments (without armor) leading the Spartans against the insurgents. Then on to the Covenant first contact and war.

Of course in the back of my mind is the excellent story woven by Eric Nylund for Ghosts of Onyx.

Whatever the case I do not want them to rush past anything. I personally hoped HALO would span 4 games or so before the Elites lost their place in the Covenant Hierarchy and we saw the Arbiter realize the truth.

Anyone that has read the books is aware of some very gritty combat by several Spartan Teams. All of which would make for excellent games. Reach is proof of that fact. There is too much to be covered to present the event of Glasslands at this point.

JokesOnYou2927d ago

hmmmm......I'm not sure when we will see Halo4, theres just so many directions that they could go with the story given theres no shortage of great stories available in the Halo Universe and yes Ghost of Onyx is an excellent story, btw I didnt know you knew much about the Halo morganfell, I guess I was wrong.

fluffydelusions2927d ago

I dunno but the art sure does look nice

Vandamme212927d ago

microsoft needs some new ips..real talk.

Hockeydud192927d ago

What's wrong with Halo? Out of all the milked games out there I think I enjoy Halo the most.

dragonelite2927d ago

Its not milking when the quality keeps rising.
Milking is just throwing out a bunch of sequel with out improving the quality(Think Sonic etc).

Halo and Cod keep on improving the quality.

Shadonic2927d ago

im ok with not so many ips they really should buy Epic and Bungie i mean they got twisted pixel before them wtf

Rattlehead202927d ago

Errm...Microsoft HAD Bungie...Not anymore..They let em go after Halo 3

WetN00dle692927d ago

Halo 4 will leads us straight to Halo 5!
Thats where we will end up.

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The story is too old to be commented.