Dark Souls: The difficulty, the design and the sequel

IncGamers: We chat to From Software about the successes, the failures and the memorable moments of Dark Souls.

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Tanir2927d ago


Dystopia Soul's! Come on!!!!

TopDudeMan2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Distant souls.
Destructive souls (Nah, too big).
Devil souls.
Die die die souls.

I know they can't have dead souls, but I think that would've been the obvious one.

I think with the critical acclaim and stuff that dark souls got, they have to make a sequel.

LadyGaga2927d ago

I like Dead Souls. Reminds me of Joy Division.

Tanir2927d ago

yeah would be crazy not to make more, and even if its simply Dark Souls 2 they could possibly tie in your old game save somehow, not really keeping all equipment and stuff or soul level but think of something pretty cool.

maybe see fight a phantom of your former self from the previous game or somethin, idk haha

TopDudeMan2927d ago

@Tanir FromSoftware, are you reading this? Give this man a job.

jerethdagryphon2927d ago

devil souls works
demon dark devil then the fourth would be dark demon devil souls :)

SweatyFlorida2927d ago

Dragon Souls.

Wasn't Dark Souls story "after" the destruction of everlasting Dragons? So how about the game taking place before Dark Souls where they ruled supreme?? Or at least, Land of the Giants >.> Otherwise they could make DkS2, but not sure what they would do after the horrible ending in DkS? :/

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ovhaum2927d ago

Comatose's Soul's(tm) "Prepare to Die!"

Bobbytheblobby2927d ago

miyazaki sounds pretty funny. the 10/10 makes him want to dance. lol

Ramas2927d ago

I cant wait to give you my money for SEQUEL!!!!!!!!
And make a better collectors edition :)