This Thai gamer reeeeeeeally gets into Ghost Squad

My favorite arcade games are light gun shooters. The feeling of physically taking up a weapon and lining your sights is a quality that can't be replicated with a mouse or a controller. You fashion yourself as somewhat of a badass as you mow down rows of zombies / terrorists / Terminators / Xenomorphs.

However, this gamer from Thailand takes the roleplay a bit too far. His mastery over Ghost Squad results in a mesmerizing combination of marksmanship and performance art, and you've got to appreciate his commitment to the act. Still, he's a bit too engaged. I totally lost it at the 1:06 mark when he goes through the motions of kicking a fake door down!

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DigitalAnalog4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

From an ancient prophecy, a legendary being with a might within the realm of gods. A force so powerful, a fearsome might that can shake the hearts of the divine warriors themselves. A will so UNIMAGINABLE it tears down the very fabric of the dimension holding this universe. They call him...






ArchangelMike4430d ago

...the way it's meant to be played...


Sega says Creative Assembly will return to genres it knows best after Hyenas’ cancellation

Sega has said Creative Assembly will go back to working on the genres it knows best, following the decision to cancel Hyenas.
It’s implied the studio’s focus will return to offline RTS.

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Marcello3d ago

Yeah Please SEGA or at least native VR support for Alien Isolation.


Alien VR… you’re sitting on a safe investment opportunity. VR owners are always hungry for new games.

Heck, explore RTS feasibility in VR, too. One hand washes the other…

Don’t chase fortnite.

-Foxtrot2d ago

Alien Isolation II...I beg of you

Continue her story.

Snookies122d ago

Alien Isolation 2... That's all we need. That's all we've ever needed... The first game was a horror masterpiece!

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Sega Believes Persona 6 Can Sell 5 Million Copies in a Year With Multiplatform, Worldwide Release

Sega's executives discussed the possible sales of the next numbered Persona game, the slow start of Sonic Superstars, expectations for Metaphor Re:Fantazio, mobile games, and the use of Generative AI.

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franwex16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

I believe it too! Make it happen Sega!

TwistedXenos16d ago

it will sell without multiplatform also 5 million in a year.

Sgt_Slaughter15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

They would not exclude a Nintendo device at this rate, because PS5 isn't doing well in Japan especially. Switch games outsell PlayStation ones by a landslide there. Plus, you know, outselling the PS4 and being Top 3 all-time with the successor right around the corner.

Not to mention the whole PC market that SEGA recently realized wants their games, and so you'll see P6 on at the very least three different systems. The days of it being locked on Sony hardware is done.

Abriael15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Japan is less than 20% of Sega's sales nowadays. They totally can exclude a Nintendo device, and they in fact are with P3R. Bet it's gonna be very successful anyway.

We absolutely should WANT them to skip weak platforms. The games would be better for it.

PC, PlayStation, and Xbox are plenty to guarantee success without holding the games back.

Sgt_Slaughter15d ago

You dismissed the Switch yet included Xbox? An ecosystem that historically have never bought RPGs of any kind?

Ignoring the rest, this won't be a productive discussion based on that alone

Abriael15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

The Xbox won't hold the game back. The Switch will.

PS: I'm not the only one dismissing the Switch and including the Xbox for Persona games. Sega is. There's a reason why P3R is on Xbox but not Switch.

There's also a reason why Metaphor Re:Fantazio is on Xbox and not Switch.

Atlus is done having its top games held back technically by an underpowered console, and good riddance.

VersusDMC15d ago

Let's compare the launch sales of P5R on PS4 and Switch...

• [NSW] Persona 5 Royal {2022.10.21} – 45,998

• [PS4] Persona 5 Royal {2019.10.31} – 201,448

46k? Where's those big switch sales?

And i know you want to compare with the PS5 sales of P5R as they are incredibly low...but that's because the PS4 version works on PS5 so people already own it.

But if you want to compare to recent releases...

• [PS5] Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (SEGA, 11/09/23) – 63,319 (New)

• [PS4] Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (SEGA, 11/09/23) – 60,134 (New)

Both playstation versions of like a dragon gaiden launched better than P5R switch.

People keep saying the switch versions sell way more...but i never see any proof. Let's see what the japan game sales breakdown is for P5Tactica is in a couple of weeks...

Barlos15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

In honesty, a game like Persona is very much suited to Nintendo. I know they're huge games but because of how they're structured, they can be played in bite size chunks, which makes them perfect for portable play.

Also given that the game isn't exactly imminent, it'll likely release on Switch 2, so it won't be held back.

I'm not happy with the mention of generative AI though. What happened to creativity?

Abriael15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

It's pretty funny to hear people believing that whatever Nintendo console comes next will be some sort of magical device that will pull Nintendo out of the bottom of the power tier.

Whenever it comes (and it won't be soon) it'll most likely always hold back the rest of the hardware lineup when it comes to multiplatform games.

The fewer developers bother, the better. Perhaps it may get a bad port a couple of years later, like developers are doing nowadays with the Switch.

Kneetos14d ago

People talking about "games being held back" are just a vocal minority, when games like mario kart 8 deluxe has sold more copies then any game Sony has ever released on any of their platforms

Funny how versusDMC talks about PS4 release of persona 5 Vs switch but conveniently leaves out the ps5 version which released day and date with the switch version but sold less

If you all looked at the Japanese charts sales charts, which 90% of Sony's fambase doesn't because they aren't winning over there, you would see 8/10 games released in the country in the past few years sold better on switch then the ps counterparts

Publishers follow the money, so if the switch 2 comes out and is even only mostly as successful as the current switch, games will come to it regardless of gamers(tm) crying that it "holds the game back"

130+ million switch owners are looking at that statement and saying "we don't care, more games plz and thx"

Chevalier13d ago

"Funny how versusDMC talks about PS4 release of persona 5 Vs switch but conveniently leaves out the ps5 version which released day and date with the switch version but sold less"

He also pointed out that most people already bought the PS4 version which is playable on the PS5 so there's ZERO reason to double dip on the PS5 when people could just play it through backward compatibility.

Whereas for the Switch there was NO previous version of Persona playable. So of course it would outsell the PS5 version because again there is NO point in double dipping when you could play the PS4 version through BC and years earlier as well.

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Soulsborne15d ago

P6 going to take the crown again.

Inverno15d ago

With the last one being so well received I'd up the amount that it'd sell, especially in a year. Just commit to a real multiplat release, and proper advertisement and bring out a game that isn't broken and word of mouth will do the rest.