This Thai gamer reeeeeeeally gets into Ghost Squad

My favorite arcade games are light gun shooters. The feeling of physically taking up a weapon and lining your sights is a quality that can't be replicated with a mouse or a controller. You fashion yourself as somewhat of a badass as you mow down rows of zombies / terrorists / Terminators / Xenomorphs.

However, this gamer from Thailand takes the roleplay a bit too far. His mastery over Ghost Squad results in a mesmerizing combination of marksmanship and performance art, and you've got to appreciate his commitment to the act. Still, he's a bit too engaged. I totally lost it at the 1:06 mark when he goes through the motions of kicking a fake door down!

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DigitalAnalog2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

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ArchangelMike2922d ago

...the way it's meant to be played...