OXM's 15 biggest gaming disappointments

OXM UK: "Sometimes, games make us sad. We go into them chirpy believers, fresh of face and breezy of tone, and leave them drained men, cradling the wreckage of our lust for life."

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Jam_sponge2924d ago

Games that claim to be about blowing everything up, but turn out to be filled with objects you can't blow up. Thanks, Bodycount.

dirigiblebill2924d ago

Bodycount wasn't that bad. It suffered most from being compared to Battlefield. Treat it like a linear arcade shooter and it's quite decent.

SilentNegotiator2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"It suffered most from being compared to Battlefield"

No it wasn't. The game they made before this was 'Black', which was amazing for its time and with some pretty awesome gameplay. Besides the comparison to an awesome game before it, the reasons Bodycount scored how it did was boring gameplay and awkward controls.

morganfell2924d ago

SilentNegotiator is correct. Black was first shown behind closed doors to media. They referred to it as gun porn. It was amazing with great destruction for a last gen title.

Bodycount was referred to as the spiritual successor to Black in the manner that Cold Winter was the spiritual successor to Goldeneye. Not even close.

narutogameking2924d ago

Sounds like Battlefield 3(at least the beta)

Biggest2923d ago

How is a beta a big disappointment? Your expectations are misguided. It's like being disappointed in the pre-order numbers.

WhiteLightning2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

You know what's funny number 6 is actualy spot on. Those bots are really good, how long has someone had to wait untill a bot dies so you can join....sometimes I wait a while because they manage to survive more then real players.

Number 13:....Yeah thanks Sheva <sigh>

WhiteLightning2924d ago


You know what I meant :)

Relientk772923d ago

Number 13 that was amazing, and it made my night lol

_Aarix_2924d ago

lol, first thing i thought of when you said number 13 even before he commented.

WiIIiam2924d ago

Half-assed stealth. Silently clear an area of brain-dead enemies only to have the last guy automatically see you because it's part of a scripted event. Here come the reinforcements.

Adexus2924d ago

"8. When you're knocked off a wall by a rock in Assassin's Creed I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve, Mr Papal Guard. I just executed twenty of your friends. Do you really want me to stick around?"

That one made me laugh the most, so so so true.

antz11042924d ago

Thats a great one, had me in stitches.

ForTheFallen2924d ago

That one's a classic, had me going.

Number_132924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I literally LOL'd at number 5. Very very well written and hideously funny.
Totally imagined it happening in slow motion.

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The story is too old to be commented.