The Escapist: Dark Souls Review

As I played Dark Souls, I couldn't help but reflect on the situation of roleplaying games as a whole. In years past, punishing difficulty, intricate stat systems and open world freedom were largely the norm for the genre, but now we're more likely to see tightly scripted linear adventures ushering you from one cutscene to the next. That's not to say that those are not enjoyable in their own right, but a large part of Dark Souls allure is this break from recent trends. If you're willing to meet the game halfway it is a refreshing departure from the typical modern RPG.

by Justin Clouse

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ArabianKnight012923d ago

Been playing Dark Souls for a while now, and I must say between the urges to break something and the constant cursing between deaths I am truly enjoying myself and have come across a game that is a total love hate relationship that I cant seem to get enough of, its been awhile since I felt like ok... just got up must play more Dark Souls or any game for that matter for that I thank you Dark Souls its been a great distraction waiting for Skyrim!