Manliest Moments In Gaming: Fighting As Kazuma "The beat 'em up genre, and to an extent the sandbox genre, has been a haven for manly men. It's given us characters like Axel Stone, Mike Haggar, Ryu Hayabusa and Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse). Even John McClane has graced this genre with his presence during Die Hard Arcade. But despite playing as many of these characters and having a great time, it's a more recent one that stands out as the most manly - Kiryu Kazuma."

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Rikitatsu2928d ago

I think the author should have used this video instead

MariaHelFutura2927d ago

Kazuma definitely f**ks people up.....badly.

Simon_Brezhnev2927d ago

Yeah Kiryu Kazuma is manly but I have to give it to Kenshiro.

tiffac0082927d ago

Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star?

That's kind of unfair since Kenshiro can kill with just his fingers. lol! XD

Simon_Brezhnev2927d ago

Yeah. LOL

I mean i only said him cuz i got his game and it brought back all the manly memories. I just like the fact he doesnt mind killng.

tarbis2927d ago

For a super trained assassin like Kenshiro. I agree. But, for a very normal human being like Kazuma, you'll have to give him some credit.