Weekly GTA IV Gallery [09 - 15 October]; Impressive screenshots from GTA IV's Community

DSOGaming writes: "Each and every week, we’ll be bringing you the best modded screenshots of GTA IV. This week, we have some brand new shots from jumper_311, Tanner R, Class, Vinz005, viettuan, Damian989121, Black_D, PacketOVerload_x64Bit, N.Style, legacyy, war963 and opezdl. All of the aforementioned modders did an amazing job and captured some astounding screenshots. We should note that this kind of image fidelity can be achieved by tweaking the ENBSeries settings, as well as using custom high-res texture packs."

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raytraceme2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Now Make a Racing game exclusive to the pc using these graphics ;)


they just look insane !! I hope the next gta looks just like this

mendicant2921d ago

That is simply stunning.

So let me ask this question, because I'm not a pc gamer. I was briefly way back in the early 90's as a teenager playing Total Annihilation.

Are there affordable pc's that have the ability to run games at that level of quality? If not, how long do you think until consoles and pc's will be able to do so at a reasonable price?

Shadowaste2921d ago


The next gen of consoles will be out in a year, most likely the Wii U for sure and the next xbox by this time (holiday) 2012.

The next xbox should be able to deliver this kind of graphics provided they don't go too cheap and just try to make an xbox360 x2 or something that basically just allows full true 1080p and 4x anti aliasing.

What the next xbox needs to achieve results like this would be the pc equivilant to an i7-920, a gtx 570 and 4 gb ddr3 ram, that would be sitting around 8x more powerful (roughly) that the ps3/360 and would be able to do things like dx11 tesselation in metro2033, crysis realism mods and these awesome gta mods.

I would strongly recommend checking pc gaming out, the rig I described above would run you around $750 and would play EVERYTHING in 1080p with 4x AA maxed unless it was some euro indie sloppily coded game.

You could honestly save a few bucks by getting the 560 ti, AWESOME card, and getting a slightly old CPU like a q6700. Places like Neweggg and microcenter are always running crazy sales on Hard Drives and CPUs and cases and ram, if you have the time to hunt you could build a sweet rig for $500 that would allow you to see nearly everything maxed!

mendicant2921d ago

Thanks for that,

Like I said I'm a pc gaming novice. That first option for $750 sounds good. If I decide to start pc gaming again after all this time, I'll give it a shot. Thanks :)

Perjoss2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

a few of them look almost like photographs, just need slightly higher resolution textures for the ground. I love these three: