The Best Video Games To Play On Halloween

UGO: Halloween is slowly closing in and we at UGO hope you’re getting ready to celebrate. On October 31st, you’ll have the chance to roam the streets dressed as any kind of crazy creature or character you can image, annoy your neighbors and be rewarded with mountains of free candy. In the process you can boast and show those elementary school kids how to trick-or-treat like a boss. Try this any other day of the year and we’re fairly certain you’re going to end up behind bars. In the event you’re too cool (or lazy) to dress up and venture out into diabetes paradise, you can always escape reality the same legal way you usually do: playing a video game. From the Playstation 2 to the Xbox 360, the horror-laced holiday has haunted many consoles for your enjoyment. To stay true to the Halloween spirit, here are the best video games to play on Halloween.

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PhantomTommy2923d ago

Think I'm gonna play a little Silent Hill 2 this Halloween

CrescentFang2923d ago

Ah, The nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge. Developed by Capcom (at least the time when they were liked). It used the DMC (3?) battle system, but it was dumbed down and was a little awkward, but fun to play (it also has a music rhythm minigames for some boss fights). Fun nonetheless and cheat codes to unlock stuff, like costumes. (I don't think there were any game breaking cheat codes. I think they had the unlocking cheat codes for those unskilled to get them.)
The game isn't the best (which may frustrate you since the level design and battle system weren't polish and you would question who could get a S rank on each level), but it was fun.

Kakihara2923d ago

If I get stood up by my friends and don't get invited to a party it's gonna be Batman Arkham city for me (if I havent already played the crap out of it) after reading Batman-the long Halloween and maybe Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum. Not technically horror but gothic and creepy enough that I think it's alright. I'm actually kinda hoping I get stood up, I dont know if that makes me even sadder than I think I am but screw it.