Mass Effect 3 Could Be Headed To Wii U

ZCINT UK - While an official announcement regarding the appearance of the Mass Effect franchise on Nintendo’s upcoming next-generation console has been disappointingly absent, the constant circulation of rumours have been lent some credibility by a categorisation choice on EA’s official media extranet. The extranet, which is designed to give members of the media access to official assets and press releases, claims that Mass Effect 3 will be available on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and “Next Gen” platforms.

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_DarkCharizard_2922d ago

Would be great if they made a remastered trilogy B)

Wizziokid2922d ago

will never happen since Microsoft own the rights to 1 hence why it's not on PS3

_DarkCharizard_2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Would be great if they bought the 1st gamez rights back B)

Kamikaze1352922d ago

They could always create "Mass Efferct Sigma" =P

BattleAxe2922d ago

Bringing Mass Effect 3 to the Wii U would be a complete waste of time. If it doesn't say Zelda or Super Mario on the Box Art, then Nintendo fans just aren't interested.

SilentNegotiator2922d ago

EA putting a game on as many platforms as possible?! WHAT?!?! No! That's ridiculous!

So long as they've delayed it into next year, I wouldn't be shocked if they had a WiiU/Vita version in the works.

iamnsuperman2922d ago

No real surprise. Probably will not be any better or worse just coming months later

yabhero2922d ago

actually march 2012, mass effects release date is right around WiiU time

iamnsuperman2922d ago

How??? Do you not think Nintendo would have released more information by now if a March 2012 release was going on. Also it has to be April + because of Nintendo financial report didn't mention a new console. Do not expect it any time before April. I am expecting a September to Christmas launch. Summer is a dead zone for gaming for some reason and anything before April is impossible.

Nate-Dog2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Not really surprised myself either. Have to say Nintendo are doing a decent job in getting some of the other multi-platform titles onto the WiiU, I just wonder how well something like this would do considering people would be beginning with the end part of this series (similar to, for example, if something like Assassins Creed Revelations went to WiiU).

Fishy Fingers2922d ago

You could probably do some pretty cool things with ME on the Wii U using the controller.

bergoo2922d ago

funny how people disagree with you. either they dont want new cool things on a new controller because they hate nintendo...or they have no creativity at all.

ChickeyCantor2922d ago

A top down view of the environment and sending your allies to the correct spot easier. That is one thing im expecting

baldulf2922d ago

So? It would arrive at a not yet released console six months after the 360/PS3/Pc versions.

Can't see it selling millions, really.

Number_132922d ago

And that has anything to do with this particular announcement how?

baldulf2922d ago


What's the point to announce multiplat games for the Wii U when the console is not on the market yet?

I even doubt they'll be released in the end, not when they have been on sale for the other consoles for months.

yabhero2922d ago

you are aware mass effect is coming out march 2012 at that right around wii U time

baldulf2922d ago

Who said the Wii U would be out on march?

All rumors point to summer.

yabhero2922d ago

that would still be about 2-3 months

Khordchange2922d ago

Resident evil 4 for the wii disagrees with you

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The story is too old to be commented.