MSXbox - Dark Souls review

Msxbox-world takes a look at From Software's accomplished and distinctive action role playing game.

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Sanetoshi2923d ago

Absolutely fantastic game.

thorstein2923d ago

It is funny. I thought I would see all sorts of hate for it the way Demon's Souls received all sorts of hate. But it is a great game!

You will die.

Chuk52923d ago

Honestly, I think some people are overlooking some of the games glaring flaws. No game with a camera this bad deserves a 9.5 from what I played. At times, it feels the camera pretty much came out of DMC1.

Tanir2923d ago

um ur a freakin noob,

if u even played any DMC game you would know alot of rooms are fixed camera angles, sorta like god of war. stop crying and making crap up lmao.

dark souls camera is fine until you get to blight town where there is too much layered crap everywhere and the floor above blocks your view, its never killed me though

Sanetoshi2923d ago

I can honestly say I not once had any trouble with the game's camera.

Also, as the other person mentioned, DMC1's camera is absolutely nothing like Dark Souls' camera.

Solidus187-SCMilk2922d ago

I didnt think the camera was bad, but I didnt think the camera in NG was bad either. I usually control the camera fully anyways in every game.

the only problem the game has for me is the the framerate sucks sometimes, in Blight town mostly. but im done with that place now so its great.