Arma 3: Better Than Battlefield 3 Graphics? New Jet Screenshots Looks Awesome

Here are some brand new screenshots of Arma 3, the upcoming military simulation from Bohemia Interactive. Have the pc game better graphics than Battlefield 3? What do you think? Check the new jet shots after the break!

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ATi_Elite2927d ago

BF3 looks super great but so does Arma 3!

you can say BF3 looks slightly better but Arma III is doing more than BF3 cause the physics and scale are realistic and bigger! Plus the A.I. is in Arma III is far superior! Sure BF3 has destruction but Arma III has like a 250 square mile world that doesn't stop to load with active A.I. running all around it.

Both are great games but two DIFFERENT games! BF3 is semi-real/arcade mix while Arma III is 100% simulation.

Both will be on my SSD day 1 and I recommend them both to closed.

theonlylolking2927d ago

Did you really have to use that many exclamation points?

Detoxx2927d ago

no, the leaked bf3 jet mission looked better

ninjahunter2927d ago

Aesthetically? Probably not, but technically ARMA will wipe the floor with Battlefield and all the others like it usually does.

undercovrr2927d ago

Whoever disagreed with you is an ignorant fool. Arma 2 still wipes the floor with all games out there in a technical perspective.

morganfell2927d ago

A.C.E. 2 on Arrowhead - Where Call of Duty players go to die.

In Arma III you will have dive ops and HALO from 25000 feet. Massive environments. Parts of the US Military are upgrading from VBS2 to an advanced version of Arma II for their simulations and mission planning.

Jafooli2927d ago

What do you mean technically? Either it looks better or it doesn't.

ninjahunter2927d ago

Technically like you Better textures higher quality lighting models and effect so on so forth. Battlefield just has a better art style than pure realism. And not everyone has the same taste so its not a matter of which you like better because everyone has a different opinion. Some people might say amnesia looks better than Uncharted 3. You can argue looks, But tech is factual.

JsonHenry2927d ago

I think ARMA looks more realistic but BF3 makes up for it with art direction and fluid movement of characters.

FlareDReborn2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )


kasser2927d ago

That is, if you could finish the first level without crashing to desktop.

ArmA is full of technical problems. You will find yourself most of the time troubleshooting a problem.

And let us not forget how the animations looks like. Screenshots are not enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.