PSP Store Now Available On PC

Now you can access the PlayStation store from your PC.

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basherdrog3986d ago

the screen shot that ur using is i think the a custom /user made layout for the PSN. even if u do post this story please make sure u dont include the screen shot. and change the picture cuz its misleading

skynidas3986d ago

the screenshot is not from custom /user made layout for the PSN. The pic is how you see the playstation store if you got a HDTV

basherdrog3986d ago

i still doubt.anyways it has been already confirmed that ps store will be made available on pc. but a link for the comming soon website is indeed sood stuff.

xplosneer3986d ago

Coming soon? Have you even clicked the link? It's right there!
Oh yeah that is the PS3 Playstation Store in HD.

s1lens33986d ago

The store is working already

s1lens33986d ago

You can also download to the PSP

Darkiewonder3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

More games for PSP! :o

or at least Wipeout Pure lawlz.

It works. I'm going to test out Wipeout Pure!

aaquib53986d ago

I hope they get full movies and TV shows on this soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.