Ten ways to survive the holiday gaming rush

Gamers everywhere realize just what precipice we are currently dangling from and how deadly it could become. Every holiday season there are no less than eight games that dozens of review sites label as "must play" or "do not miss!".

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MrGunny942925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'm still to figure out how my X-mas vacations will be spent...

I guess the first few days till 20th December will be... MW3...BF3.. WOW 4.3 patch...

then on the 20th.... SWTOR SWTOR SWTOR SWTOR

25th December turns out SWTOR is more of the same mmos

Also most of the single player games.. i'm gonna buy them later in the summer because there i have more time to RPGS :)


A christmas article in October?
Every year it seems people keep making christmas seem like it's already here... D:

TheWolfSage2924d ago

For gamers, the holiday season starts in September and doesn't end until February.

earbus2924d ago

Dont stand in the 360 line u will be crushed lol.