Naughty Dog says no to single-player DLC for Uncharted 3

DLC is all the rage this season (along with dead raccoon headpieces), and publishers are charging the inflated prices expected with such a widespread trend. But trends don't appear out of nowhere -- they come from someone doing it differently, turning left at the fork, zigging where others zag and other motivational business terms. Naughty Dog is doing just that -- those trailblazers -- announcing that there will be no single-player DLC for Uncharted 3.

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GabeLogansBitch2920d ago

Wouldn't mind some DLC that provides more background stuff, like that Eye of Indra thing they did two years back.

crxss2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

this is both good and bad.

good: meaning ND really doesn't leave anything out of the single player when they make the game, unlike some developers/publishers who come out with a game and a week or two later have paid DLC... ridiculous

bad: less uncharted :'(

BushLitter2920d ago

All I want from Naughty Dog, is the option to play the entire campaign with a friend, offline and on. Make it happen.It's not like Nathan doesn't have a companion with him through significant parts of the campaign anyway.

younglj012920d ago

Thats why UC3 is going to have offline Co-Op which is awesome...

NukaCola2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

That is the thing, he doesn't. Of the 4 parts shown 3 he was all by himself.

Chatueux: With Sully
Plane: Alone
Desert: Alone
Ship: Alone

Yeah Offline Co-Op is awesome. Plus there is slit screen online as well so you can play others and have two players running off one screen. They really are ensuring this is the best game they can make.

BushLitter2920d ago

Sorry, what I meant was that they should make it happen for the next game. It's too late to do anything about it now

@younglj01 offline co-op is awesome - But I want a whole campaign! I'm greedy like that

NukaCola2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


Well you shouldnt worry if Naughty Gods do what they always do after a trilogy, you'll have full 4 player MP throughought the next Drake game.

UnKarted: Drake's Great Race

rezzah2920d ago


Yea following the tradition fo Crash and Jak&Daxter, i hope they make a racing Uncharted game. IDC what they do as long as it's done.

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IrishAssa2920d ago

There is not a chance with the set pieces shown already, literally not a chance, the campaign is not made for Co op and would have to be redesigned, Uncharted's campaign requires this anyway imo. For the immersion

BushLitter2920d ago

This is my request precisely - that Naughty Dog should design an entire campaign with online and offline co-op in mind. For the next game obviously.

There's no way they can't pull it off.

nix2920d ago

i wish this game supported Move. Can't wait nevertheless. after playing KZ3/R3 using Move... i'll feel little limp when i play UC3 (shooter) without Move.

Having said that... CAN'T WAIT!

Oldman1002919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I agree, move support for u3 would be awesome. Killzone 3 absolutely nailed it.

But i think the move implementation for r3 is terrible in comparison to kz3. I tried it for 10 minutes and had to switch back to the dualshock. That's when i realized you had to quit out of the game in order to do so. Also the lack of customizable controls, altered camera view, and the removal of ads with the new patch is very annoying. It feels like an entirely different game with the move.

madjedi2920d ago

Thank you a dev that gives the full sp experience from day 1, and leaves the dlc for mp. Any chance for a sp demo prior to release.

Enmson2920d ago

Good, that means the single player is is a complete mode :)

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The story is too old to be commented.