Halo 4 Alpha Menu?

If you search hard enough you can find results. While searching for more info on the Halo 4 Alpha Menu screenshots I found I also came across a Youtube video showcasing the menu, apparently included in the Halo CEA disc. Check it out below.


This video of an older build of Anniversary makes us think that the menu is more legit than we thought. No one really knows for sure, but compare it to this version of the menu.

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Op242929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Either someones an expert at Sony Vegas, or that's real..

vishant1012929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

If its real there is no forage, that is unexpected, also where is the campaign.

Hockeydud192929d ago

That's just Alpha, they won't have everything in the menu. A highly doubt this will be the final menu. So don't worry.

crxss2929d ago

whoa wHAT? is Halo CEA coming out with something for halo 4 that i don't know about? maybe i'll have to end up getting it... wasn't gonna get it originally cause the maps will be free for Reach, last i heard.

morganfell2929d ago

This may be an instance where HALO CE Anniversary has a non-active menu entry for HALO 4 that would be used when the HALO 4 beta goes live. Excellent idea on their part.

I never understood how anyone could trade in a HALO title but obviously people do. This would be an encouragement to hang if a landmark game alone wasn't sufficient.

HaMM4R2929d ago

What you have all failed to notice is that it says halo anniversary multiplayer, and that is on a seporate disk much like ODST so it is FAKE!!!

LawlessSXE2929d ago



What's in the package for $40? One disc, or two? Are multiplayer and campaign separated like ODST, or are both on one disc, allowing switching in a lobby instead of swapping discs? The Reach DLC is not included - but are the original Reach multiplayer maps? If the only Halo game you owned was Halo: Anniversary, what could you play, exactly?

343i: This will be one retail disc, 39.99, everything launches out of one menu. It's kind of like a one-disc ODST - obviously it doesn't have the other DLC, because most people who buy this are going to have Reach already.

Mystogan2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I still don't believe that it will come out for the Xbox 360, it makes no sense. why would they start a new trilogy in 2012 on the Xbox 360(6 years old), When the Xbox 720 will come out somewhere between 2013/2014?

There are so many advantages like More time to kill Bugs and Fix Glitches, Huge and Detailed environments,Better Graphics,Better AI And more time to get cool Gameplay elements in.

Only dissadvantage (for Microsoft) is it will sell less then on the 360 because it wouldn't have such a big userbase.


Looks legit to me if its not then somebody needs to get a life. That Menu is way to detailed to be fake he even got an error message and also the music, the Agreements (which nobody ever reads).

yep, This is probably the real (alpha)thing.

m232929d ago

They've already said that they will release Halo 4 for the 360. They will sell millions and millions of copies, I don't see why they would turn that down. There are other advantages I guess, but maybe they are waiting longer than we expect to release their next console.

MrGunny942929d ago

Looks legi definetly.... the menu of Halo 4 is sexy

mendicant2929d ago

Loving the music playing in the background, great selection.

Nintenuendo2929d ago

If that's real, I'm amazed. The music gives me a "Halo meets Mass Effect" vibe, and I love it.

Hockeydud192929d ago

Yea, I think 343 has us covered :)

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The story is too old to be commented.