Ask-A-Gamer: Modern Warfare or Battlefield?

Okay stop. This isn't going to turn into a flame war. Both games are going to be amazing and both deserve your time. That being said, which one will be be spending the most time playing? Leave your thoughts below, and be sure to leave questions for the next Ask A Gamer segment

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JonahNL2925d ago

You wrote an article about MW3 and BF3, yet you expect this not to end up in a flame war? Good luck with that.

I will be playing BOTH games, because yes, that's also an option, which most people are forgetting. I can't tell which game I'll be playing the most, though.


How many of this flame troll articles looking for hits are we gonna have about BF3/MW3.

Just buy which ever game u want,This is getting old and boring quick.

S_C2925d ago

Both Games For Me , WIN WIN . End Of

Iroquois_Pliskin2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'll just stick with BF3 until UC3 and Skyrim come out. Also, I would get mw3 but my gaming budget has been quite tight lol too many great games coming out!

MrGunny942925d ago

BF3 for Multiplayer with tactics and friends over VOIP...

MW3 for Campaign, Survival mode with buds to have some laughs and go over to the multiplayer to annoy some kids

Iroquois_Pliskin2925d ago

And make double sure to annoy those racist kids xD


i couldnt care less. ill play both games and see if i like any. i couldnt care less what others say or what other people mean. ITS GAMING

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