Halo ATLAS- An innovative feature in Halo Anniversary Edition

If you were worried that 343 industries won't be as innovative as Bungie then worry no more, for the ATLAS feature in Halo Anniversary Edition will blow your mind.

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Marcus Fenix2924d ago

the video length is 3:43, lol.

EVILDEAD3602923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

1 year later..nothing is touching the depth of Reach.
Now they have Atlas? cant keep up with these guys


gamersheep2923d ago

I wonder if 343 will do more than have guns that go pew, pew, pew?

aviator1892923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

If you play Halo games, you'd already know that halo games are always more than just "guns that go pew, pew, pew." Bungie has already established these features in past halo games and 343i will most likely carry on that tradition with future iterations with their own twists and take on the franchise.

KonradG2923d ago

That's some cool s^*t right there. I wish it worked with Android.

gamingdroid2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

First Kinect, now Windows Phone 7. MS is really throwing their weight behind this remake.

The additions are all the right things to do too i.e. they don't mess with the awesome game play that is already there. They just make optional additions. This looks like it is going to be the best remake of any game.

I'm tempted, very temped to get Halo: CEA sooner rather than later now!

DeleteThisxx2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Very cool.

RockmanII72923d ago

Interesting, but I don't see the point of looking at your phone too see where your teammates are instead of just asking them yourself. I could just see you checking your phone and when you look back you're watching your guy get assassinated. The custom challenges look cool though, hopefully you don't need a phone for that.

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