New PlayStation Eye Games Available Today

What's up PS3 fans? By now, you've probably tried EyeCreate and made some pretty impressive videos. But now you're wondering what else is out there for the PSEye? Well, We pleased to let you know we've got 2 more cool titles coming out later today: Operation: Creature Feature and Aquatopia.

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Marceles3985d ago

Trials of Topoq. Still getting these though..

LeShin3985d ago

I bought Trials of Topaq 2 days ago. Pretty cool use of the eye toy, though I look like a fool while playing it :)

titntin3985d ago

We've had these for a couple of weeks already in the UK. Unusual for us to get something earlier than you guys in the US! :)
Not exactly stunning pieces of software, but you can't complain for the price!