Kinect support in Halo Anniversary Edition Explained in Detail

Halo Anniversary Edition has Kinect support, but in a way that everybody will enjoy it.

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EVILDEAD3602930d ago

From the

'Voice Commands will be used for the reloading of weapons, throwing grenades, switching between Classic and Remastered graphics and more.

Analyze Mode will be comparable to the Metroid Prime Trilogy’s scanning of items, except in Halo: Anniversary, just by saying “scan,” you’ll be able to scan by voice command whatever item, vehicle, character or weapon your reticule is aimed at.

As you scan content, a Library will be filled which you can visit outside of the gameplay.The Library will be filled with the information scanned in the game (as previously mentioned); however, while in the Library, gesture-based controls will allow players to select and analyze the items.

Again, this is all optional and both Microsoft and 343 Industries are touting that the core gameplay will NOT be affected.'

As a huge Halo fan, I think it's cool that they added the 'scanning' to the game. I even dig the mode switching.

But wow didn't realize we have already got to the point where we can reload and throw grenades with voice commands in Halo games.

Nice optional additions...


KingSlayer2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Really? Bing voice searches coming, and you didn't think the limited, tacked on voice of ME3 and Ghost Recon wouldn't make it into a Halo game? Your manufactured excitement is laughable.

3 completely useless with Kinect! Wait...they're there because of Kinect, my bad.

kaveti66162929d ago

You have problems.

Scanning items into a library is a lot like the Poke'dex feature in Poke'mon.

It's a fun feature that's completely optional.

You're bashing something that has absolutely no negative effect at all.

KingSlayer2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Just what I want...Pokemon features in Halo that never existed before and have no use. And I have problems?! Lulz

EDIT: @munish23 Scanning was never in Halo 1. Didn't need then, don't need it now.

m232929d ago

How has this type of feature not existed in Halo before. They have the halo encyclopedia as well as all those artbooks, its basically that on your TV. Its great in my opinion, as a Halo player since day one I love learning new things about the universe.

EVILDEAD3602929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

'Your manufactured excitement is laughable. 3 completely useless with Kinect! Wait...they're there because of Kinect, my bad'

Nope I'm simply a huge fan of the franxchise.

LMAO @ the 'manufactured' trolling truly being laughable.

My bad I forgot...everything is 'tacked on' when we talk about Kinect. Like your example with ME3 which is an alternate way to simply immerse your self into the game, while controlling your teams powers and actions in combat on the fly, instead essentially pausing the game everytime you make those decions.

But it's 'optional' when it's when Kobe has to come on stage at E3 and pretend that the 'optional' Move controls in NKA 2K12 make sense in a baskeball game and aren't 'completely usless'

Yup..gotcha loud and clear

edit @ Munish
Was just talking about the game here and I made the same point that I love how the Halo encyclopedia can get now be implemented into the game through the scan features..ingenius if they truly take advantage of it.


gamingdroid2929d ago

Squad control in Mass Effect 3 is going to be awesome. The way it is right now it is kind of cumbersome with pausing the game and such, so being able to say something like "Liara Singularity" is a huge improvement!

I'm glad Kinect is slowly, but surely supported by all these hardcore games.

nondecaf2929d ago

@evil The ps move implementation in 2k12 makes it easier for novice players to enjoy it without the fear of a standard controller,halo with kinect support doen't make playing the game any less difficult if you never played an fps.

RockmanII72929d ago

Lets keep it civil guys, this isn't about the PS Move and I'd rather 343 do this than something more drastic. Think of it as a minigame for the completionists who want to do everything in the game. I just hope there isn't an achievement that forces me to have Kinect like Forza is doing.

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fluffydelusions2929d ago

I don't see why voice commands are Kinect exclusive. I know it's just a marketing gimmick for MS to push more Kinects but still. A regular mic could do the same job.

Ayepecks2929d ago

This has been discussed numerous times -- a regular mic could not do the same job. Kinect handles the speech recognition.

fluffydelusions2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

@Ayepecks the computer is the one handling the speech recognition the same as when you are on the telephone with those computers that recognize voice commands. It's not the telephone you're using that handles that, it's the computer on the other end.

nondecaf2929d ago

@Ayepecks why not sony has somthing similar.

yesmynameissumo2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Speech is software driven. Kinect simply has a mic array. Personally, I'm not convinced, since I was using voice commands in Rainbow Six on the original Xbox.

@Ayepecks "Kinect’s internal hardware is what makes it possible, not just its microphones." What hardware? They removed the proc. It's basically mics and cams. It just seems like smoke and mirrors to make Kinect seem like "Hey! Look at these core games with Kinect on the cover!" Like I said, not convinced. Do you have any links that actually explain how Kinect helps make this possible?

Ayepecks2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

For the people downvoting me and the one bubbles sending me PM's saying Kinect doesn't handle speech recognition: you're wrong.

There are countless other articles similar to this one. As far as other games doing something similar: yes, I'm sure other games do. But generally they either have specific hardware to assist in that or they require more system resources, which isn't a problem because they're simple, non-processor-intensive games (see: Sing Star).

sack_boi2929d ago

If it was that easy to implement in games, why haven't Sony and Nintendo done it yet?

gamingdroid2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson says BioWare is bringing voice commands to Kinect and Xbox 360 because Microsoft’s sound and motion-sensing controller is doing the hard work of voice recognition. Kinect’s internal hardware is what makes it possible, not just its microphones."

You wouldn't want your "voice recognition" to degrade the graphics of the game, would you?

If you don't, then external hardware like Kinect is needed.

Gamer19822929d ago

Indeed rainbow six and SOCOM been doing this since the 1990's they can use any excuse as they want but its a gimmick to sell Kinect. If it sells its though fair play to MS. They did this with a simple Microphone system no Special expensive camera needed. Shame MS couldn't do anything a bit mroe hardcore with this game but then again that would have probably ruined the game experience. Plus every attempt so far at hardcore Kinect games have failed miserably as Kinect games are on rails.

Angrymorgan2929d ago

My iPhone has voice recognition and that's nothing like kinect, it's nothing more than a gimmick to sell kinect devices, a standard 360 headset and perhaps a little firmware update would do the exact same job!

diatom2929d ago

Voice recognition on all platforms, pre-kinect.

Developers can't figure out what to do with the thing, but still want MS dollars to make features that use Kinect so we end up with cheesy gimmicks...

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tickticktick2929d ago

Kinect and Halo, it's double hate day for the Move/PS3 supporters. As we can already see :)

I kinda wanted the option to use a throwing motion to throw a grenade.

This is really cool though, would like to see more core games using this.

ForROME2929d ago

Agreed, I will always take features and add on ideas as long as they are OPTIONAL, how in the world people cry about optional items cracks me up

Pathetic - its free to use if you dont like it, dont use it, so pull up your dress and quit your crying

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iamnsuperman2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Why do people at these conferences people go "wahoo" "yeah". I do not think any conference I have watched I have ever done those things.

OT: nice added features although not sure saying throw grenade/reload is the best way to do it. Surely pressing a button is quicker. The analyse mode is a good idea for a anniversary edition

aviator1892929d ago

Excitement? Maybe people there are looking forward to those features?
Besides, I've also seen these "wahoos" and "yeaaaahs" at quakecon and at uncharted panels.

iamnsuperman2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

" I've also seen these "wahoos" and "yeaaaahs" at quakecon and at uncharted panels"

I know I am not having a got a Halo fans it is a generic comment about conferences in general. It happens a lot at E3 too. I like features but never thought it was acceptable to go "wahoo" and "yeah". Its like it is the most exciting thing that has happened to them in their lives

Number_132929d ago

Would have been more impressed if I could throw a grenade at the screen and it lands were my reticule is pointed or something of that sort.

WhiteLightning2929d ago

Wow.....I think I'll stick to pressing a button I mean it's not going to take that long to press down on my controler then saying the word.

If this is what Microsoft meant by "hardcore" when talking about Kinect then I honestly don't know what to think

qwertyz2929d ago

kinect was never meant for hardcore just a way for MS to take a bit out of the wiis casual audience and sell more consoles(to casuals) thats IT kinect can never have any hardcore games. anyone that believes kinect can do hardcore is ignorant they cannot be hardcore without buttons

would really have preferred it if MS focused on reviving kameo, perfect dark, lost odyessy, killer instinct, banjo kazooie, shadowrun etc to supplement the few exclusive IPS 360 has now(halo, forza, gears) I know they are working on a new alan wake but rumors are saying its for next gen so maybe their next gen console will be out by early 2013

WhiteLightning2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"kinect was never meant for hardcore just a way for MS to take a bit out of the wiis casual audience "

Oh I know it was them trying to take some of the Wii's audience but ever since it was announced Microsoft have been determined to show that it was a hardcore device aswell, saying things like "The Hardcore love Kinect", "Hardcore games are coming to Kinect or "Kinect is a core product"'s only in the past 4-5 months that they've started to down play the whole "core" subject and made it more obvious that it was for the casual audience from the start, I mean they even said before this years E3 that, again, core games are coming and over the next few months we will be shown what they meant.....but if this is what they had in store for Kinect then I'm sorry but it's pretty poor when pressing a button would be quicker and more effective.

gamingdroid2929d ago

You know, you can press a button, and have the game play itself too...

Point being, you play a game, because a certain experience is presented to you. Because it is faster, doesn't mean it is desirable or preferred.

gamersheep2929d ago

Motion-control doesn't work well in shooters. I wish they would just accept that and move on.

wwm0nkey2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

ummmm none of this is controlled via motion, its all voice controlled.

EDIT: If that is a general statement though I agree.

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