EB Expo 2011: Diary of A Wimpy Gamer, Part 2: Crash, Boom… Heckle


"The Gold Coast Convention Centre opened for the media and first couple thousand to witness the Grand Opening, but it was Peter Moore‘s keynote and a few booth babes that would cause the most stir later on in the day…

"The crowd in the packed Arena were entertained with giant EB Games beach balls as anticipation built. It’s amazing that at an event celebrating entertainment that costs millions to produce, a few gigantic air filled plastic balls can be so fun and diverting.

"The event began with dance music and dancers doing their best to energize the crowd, but perhaps we have grown too used to the spectacular dance stunts performed by Australia’s Got Talent street dancers.

"The crowd still was waiting for more as the event oddly paused before the giant screen which had been pulsating with Just Dance 3 dancing images gradually rotated up to reveal an even bigger screen."

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BadCircuit2928d ago

I'm hoping to go next year! Should be great.

How about the booth babes 'stopping traffic' literally.

gaminoz2927d ago

Sounds like quite the event for the public!

Belgavion2927d ago

The screen does look pretty bloody big

Eske2927d ago

Shame about the audience.