Is Square Enix milking Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most popular franchised published by Square Enix. As many of you know, they have been switching the platform for the Kingdom Hearts series frequently lately. For most fans, that could be quite a big bother since not everyone can afford every system.

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iXenon3529d ago

They're not milking Kingdom Hearts one bit. Anyone who knows the game knows that they each offer something new and draw closer to the conclusion that is Kingdom Hearts III

SkyCrawler3529d ago

Obviously the ppl that disagreed dont understand sarcasm without the "/s"

saladthieves3529d ago

Obviously SkyCrawler understands sarcasm better than anyone around


WombBat3529d ago

I love kingdom hearts, just beat the first one today again. but i gotta say, they need to stop with all these bs spin offs man, i want a legit title already and if its for ps3 only, i will buy a ps3. Better yet, might as well start now and make it come out for the next gen consoles

Pozzle3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I don't know if I'd call it "milking". But it IS ridiculous that practically every Kingdom Hearts game is on a different console, so most KH fans haven't been able to play the full story or won't be able to fully understand KH3 when it is finally released.

Releasing every game on separate consoles is such a stupid decision from a business/fandom perspective. All it does is alienate fans and put many of them off continuing the series.

Lovable3529d ago

I couldn't agree more. Took the words out of my mouth.

NukaCola3529d ago

There are 3 times the spin off than the actually core games. I don't know what if this is milking but it's completely BS that we get 10 spin offs and probably another for Vita and a KH/KH2 HD Remake before we can get Kingdom Hearts III. I don't calling it milking, I call it pissing off the fans, but hey, Square Enix is kings at disappointment.

Misterhbk3529d ago

Yep, I'm a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan and I'll be the first to admit that I most likely won't get the full grasp of the story myself.

I'll be buying Kingdom Hearts 3 day one but I do wish that all the spin offs games were just that, spin offs. Nothing directly applied to to the main story, but in the same universe.

Pozzle3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I agree with the spin-off thing. I remember when Chain of Memories first came out and I thought it was just a spin-off with barely any relation to the "main" series, so I didn't play it. So I ended up being VERY confused when KH2 was released and Sora had to be woken up from hibernation, there were two characters named Roxas and Namine who I didn't recognise, and Organization XIII was going around and destroying things. I was like "Bwuh? Who are all these people? When did all this happen?"

Then I played Chain of Memories and finally understood what was going on.

So yeah...I'm worried that when KH3 comes out, the plot will be even harder to follow because there are more spin-off titles this time around. :O

Bereaver3529d ago

I was head over heels when I played kingdom hearts 1. But when all the spin offs started happening.... I lost myself and part of my kingdom hearts pride. I just don't feel attached.... :(

manman63529d ago

You hit it right on the nail. Square Enix is not milking the franchise but they are making it very hard for fans of the series to follow along with the story since it been on so many different platforms.

Tanir3529d ago

true, though square makes nomura make random spin offs, the only real games so far are 1, 2 and birth by sleep. chain of memories......maybe the Re chain of memories can count, but not really.

u can tell when its a real KH, nomura gets serious and it isnt just a recap like most of the nintendo spin offs.

dream drop looks good on the 3ds though

narutogameking3529d ago

Milking = multiplatform releases or yearly released
I don't think Kingdom Hearts falls into any of those categories.

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PidgeottosCrew3529d ago

I don't own any portable systems. I have a feeling when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out five years from now that it'll confuse me more than a porno confuses a five year old.

ZombieAssassin3529d ago

Obviously not good enough, still dont have one for my ps3.

tunaks13529d ago

yes they are,

not only are the milking it, they've ruined it all together. The plots become a convoluted mess. KH1, (Re)Com, and kh2 were all good, it goes downhill after that. Re-re-re-visiting each world is getting real old.

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