Take a trip through Prototype 2's super deadly 'Read Zone'


"Don't be fooled by the beginning of this new video for Prototype 2 -- birds have not replaced Alex as the protagonist and they can't shapeshift into deadly, oozing weaponry. But really, would that be so bad? Also, the things at the end remind us of mutated goombas, which supports the bird thing."

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Brownghost2930d ago

why 2012! the thing i loved about that cg trailer is that everything in it will be possible. Pre-ordered

cyclonus0072930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Was the first one any good?

My Spidey Sense says no and it's rarely wrong.

padz12929d ago

Did you play it?

If you did then you wouldn't need your stupid ''Spidey Sense'' and instead you could have something called an opinion.

cyclonus0072929d ago

I actually haven't played it and was asking an honest question. I've always had the feeling (said Spidey Sense) that it wasn't good. I wasn't blown away by the trailers and the reviews were pretty mixed.

Oh well.

GamingManiac2929d ago

It's fucking awesome, your spidey sense has deserted you! You have to try it out, shouldn't cost much anymore.

Ps3blaze222930d ago

Infamous is better atleast for me , what i dont like about prototype is that it felt too easy because alex it too overpowerd

krisq2929d ago

The main focus of this mission is to not disturb anyone and be quiet.

Ps3blaze222929d ago

Why do i have so many disagree i said alex is overpowerd and he is compared to cole
p.s: i love both games

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