EB Expo 2011: EA’s Peter Moore Faces Rude Australian Crowd


"“Origin sucks!”

"Well, Peter may have asked for it by stating that “we learn from criticism and feedback” but I’m not sure he expected to be heckled by the crowd. I admit I snickered with all the rest, more out of surprise at the confidence and strength of purpose the heckler displayed more than any amusement at the actual statement.

"He handled it well, neither ignoring the obvious nor allowing it to affect his presentation. That is until after showing some videos much of the crowd assumed that was all he had to say and started streaming for the exits, with Peter thinking on his feet and saying quickly that he might as well wrap up there.

"It was frankly embarrassing to watch."

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WhiteLightning2921d ago

He should of just said at the end of his presentation

"Well guys it's been fun and all but now lets part with that old EA Sports saying...Get the f*ck out of my building"

Number_132920d ago

Should HAVE, for crying out loud people, of and have are not interchangable.
On topic, Origin does suck.

Belgavion2921d ago

Not coming back for another speech next year then?

BadCircuit2921d ago

Lol, if he does, he won't say he welcomes criticism :)

gaminoz2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

He should get a tattoo: Australians are rude buggers :)

jashmister2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

EB overprices even more than any other store in this country ($120 AUD for MW3? NOPE) which means most people who know they are getting rooted usually import, most of those people would never go to such waste of money expo.

Too bad that some company's are actually thinking that EB shopping gamers are the norm, just shows off the completely wrong impression of this country and we will keep getting rooted with double RRP's forever.

shikamaroooo2920d ago

I always buy games from eb games because iv had bad experiences with importing/buying online and most of the time when you pay RRP at EB games they give you a collectors edition.

jashmister2920d ago

I can see where you are coming from, if you had one horrible experience it usually tuns you off it forever if there is much safer alternatives.

Although if you research enough (and not buy from Ebay) you might find a good online retailer which half's your games prices and you still can get a collectors edition.

I also probably insulted EB shoping gamers a bit too much, but honestly I don't see a huge amount of gamers that play something other than CoD or the BF series going to a EB expo. I just don't.

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