Final Fantasy XIV Version 2 deserves a chance

The new game, creatively titled XIV Version 2, promises new maps, a new graphics engine, new user interface and expanded in-game content. The big question is; will people give it a second chance?

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Abriael2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

While I agree with most of the content of the article, might want to play a game in it's current case before using it as a negative comparison.

Funcom did a great job in improving Age of Conan post launch, and at the moment it's a great game, 100% enjoyable. It's a very positive example on how to turn around a botched release.

So while Vanguard is a decent example for what you wanted to say, putting age of conan on the same negative scale denotes a jarring amount of ignorance on the topic.

Leonesaurus2928d ago

I agree with Abriael, it deserves a second chance.

JonahNL2928d ago

I remember reviewing this game when it first came out. I regret that day... T_T

3GenGames2928d ago

You mean XIII-2? Damn, huge typo. But anyway...

Note really, they need to start a new series and dumb FF and pick up something they can actually meld into be interesting and not just drawn out.

GameGambits2928d ago

If you are going to troll at least make it hard to tell if you are serious. This is too easy to tell is a 15 year old trying too hard to rile people up online.

As for giving FF14 another chance I'm not even open to it. I bought the LE day one, and was a dedicated FFXI player for 6 years. FF14 was beyond a letdown and a joke. They had to cut subscription costs to keep any player base, and the whole games existence has been nothing but a giant burning of money.

They should have taken the thousands of dollars being thrown at this game and instead focused on a FFXI 2.0. Retool FFXI with the FF14 graphics engine as well as take the current XI content and trim it up. Rebalance classes, toss out bad stuff, and then make this new FFXI 2.0 a new game with its own subscription fee that people from XI could migrate to, or just stick with XI 1.0.

Chains of Promathia expansion on FF14 engine graphics. *drools.*

3GenGames2928d ago

I'm not trying to troll. FF is getting so old and no game has been of quality the last 3 games, I don't understand why people still buy it. They should force a new and good RPG to come out. Square could be doing so much better. RPG's of the 90's for all systems just beat the crap out of the stuff they release today.

GameGambits2927d ago

You mention in your post FFXII-2 and a big typo and don't expect to be taken as a troll? You realize there is a Final Fantasy 14 right? You realize this is an upgrade to FF14 and it's being called FF14 2.0? FF13-2 is its own game.

As for your comment of new and good RPGs they have been trying that this generation too or were you asleep during Infinite Undiscovery, The World Ends With You, The Last Remnant, Nier, etc?

The last 3 FF games have been crap? That's an opinion, and while most would agree with 14 being crap, because even SE admits it is crap, FF13 is far from crap. It may be a more linear game, but it's still a quality title and hence the solid reviews and the biggest sales of any FF title in the franchise history.

So yeah I'm going to say you were trolling. :/