News from NYCC for Halo: Anniversary

Is now finishing the NYCC panel devoted to Halo in 2011 which have been revealed some juicy information.

These are mainly related to the characteristics of the countryside and to the features of Mylar. Here is a complete list of what has been revealed so far:

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Laxman2162923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

For those who dont want to click the link:

■A few seconds are needed for the transition between the old and the new graphics.
■You can play using the new or the old music.
■Announced a new skull, Recession: consume twice the shots of bullets.
■Announced a new skull Bandana: ammunition are endless.
■Each object is exactly the same point in the original game.
■Proved the capabilities of the Kinect. These include voice commands and a kind of Viewer called Analysis. Voice commands include "reload the gun/grenade/Makeover" etc; objects scanned with Viewer Analyse (which you can use only with the Kinect) will be added to the library mode (more details soon) and you can read what we discovered about objects scanned.
■The remake of Hang 'em High is called High Noon.
■A new series of Red vs Blue debut before the end of the year on Waypont.
■Halo Waypoint, is the site that its transposition in the dashboard will change at the level of graphics.
■Terminals that will be released on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be reviewed on Halo Waypoint.
■It is not possible to change the graphics during the cinematics.
■The cover shown for the game is that despite the Master Chief has undergone a cosmetic improvement in the game.
■The final version of the TU BETA (update for Halo: Reach) will be made official and definitive playlists on 15 November.

(Still a good video worth checking out on the site)