More patches coming to Dark Souls

From Software has revealed that they will be more fixes coming to their recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action role-playing game, Dark Souls.

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Nitrowolf22924d ago

I really hope we get some sort of co-op fix. I want to play this with my friends

NovusTerminus2924d ago

I agree. I can't even see soul signs of strangers really.

sdtarm2924d ago

you gotta be in human form you know that right?

NovusTerminus2923d ago

I know that.

I understand the system, but I cannot see any of my friends soul signs, no matter how many tries we do it. Which worked 100% of the time in Demon's Souls.

RankFTW2923d ago

More Patches the Hyena, cool, didn't see enough of him.

ThanatosDMC2924d ago

It's a server issue. They need a new dedicated server. I bought three copies and we all cant connect to each other even though we're all the same level, covenant, and area.

mandf2923d ago

I do believe From said you can't connect to friends on your friends list. I tried to find a link for you but the internet search for darks souls is a mess. I believe the article was from IGN or Gamespot. Sorry I couldn't link you.

ThanatosDMC2922d ago

It's ok. You can connect to your friends if you're 10% away from their soul level and if you're lucky enough to be on the same server. It's on the Dark Souls official forums.

mandf2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

You can't play with friends. It was the same on Demon Souls.

Comment was meant for Nitrowolf. Soul signals are random. The odds you are even on the same server are slim.

edit liquid dust when they had dedicated servers it was possible it you were together in a remote area but with dark souls they don't have the same server set up. I could be wrong but From said they are going to restrict playing with friends this time I'm trying to find the link but everything about darks souls is reviews, guides, or help me articles. I know I read it but damn I should have already found the article.

Liquid Dust2923d ago

Actually, you could play with friends in Demon's Souls. Me and a buddy teamed up to beat Maneater. I kept dying too, and was able to continuously re-summon him after using ephemeral eyes.

akiraburn2923d ago

Actually Mandf, you could play with friends on Demon's Souls, it was just a bit of a hassle. You had to be in the same area with one player human and the others in soul form. The players in soul form would put their soul signs down, then the human player could summon them. It was easiest to coordinate that by having a text chat open or communicating via mics on PC to tell each other when you were going to place your sign down, and specifics on where it would be. Obviously they wanted to encourage players to play with anyone that comes by and leaves a soul sign, however if you wanted to play with your friends you could do it that way.

Dark Souls seems to have a significant amount of problems for the online portion though. I believe from what I read, they are now using a peer-to-peer structure with minimal requirement for their servers to play an active role, which is causing a lot of issues.

I know for myself I've had several attempts that said they failed when summoning a player, and in general almost the entire game I went without seeing any soul signs. The first time I saw any at all was in Blighttown near the last bonfire right before the boss. And I am aware that I have to be human to summon or even see the summon signs. For whatever reason, they just were not there most of the game. I know that one other departure from Demon's Souls is that instead of being able to summon anyone within +/-10 levels of you, it's now +/-10% of your level (so being level 20 means you can only summon people in the 18-22 level range).

On the topic of the patch, I really hope they fix the control bugs. Between the lag queue that forms when performing actions (hitting a button too many times before and while the action is being performed causes the action to perform a second time), and the glitch where the character simply doesn't do the action you've instructed him to do until attempting to perform another action (such as an trying to attack, but he just stands there until the moment you attempt to raise your shield your character will then attack), I was getting so frustrated that I stopped playing all together.

mandf2923d ago


I was aware of Demon Souls you could. From didn't expect people to be so crafty. They said in Dark Souls they were going to restrict it but I'm sure eventually someone will find a work around. I'm 200+ hrs in and loving this game.

akiraburn2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

@mandf, glad you're enjoying it bud. Like I said, I actually had to quit because the control bug was starting to act up so often it had been consistently killing me. I would sometimes dodge away from an enemy, have enough time to get a quick health boost in, so I hit square to drink a flask, and he'd stand there doing nothing. A few seconds pass and I realize he isn't doing anything, and then the moment I go to defend with my shield is when the flask activates, essentially killing me. This happened so many times with attacking, drinking flasks, etc...

I got pretty far before I put it down (Level 50, started the Demonic Ruins), but I just wasn't having any fun sadly. Which I wasn't expecting because I loved Demon's Souls and have sunk a ton of time into it since releasing two years ago. Maybe a lot of that could be attributed to the controls, but I think other things killed it for me too. Anyway, like I said, glad you and others are enjoying it.

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NovusTerminus2924d ago

"the biggest of which results in players acquiring an infinite amount of souls through an exploit and thus breaking the balance in the offline and online sections."

How does this break the game? If someone glitches to level 120 and someone fairly earns level 120... THEY ARE STILL LEVEL 120!!!

And that is where all the PvP people are gonna stop anyways.

Reborn2924d ago

It's how they got their which is breaking.

Why should you be able to do that?

SSultan2924d ago

The exploit would be great after a run through if the player only wanted to go PvP.

Chug2924d ago

Yeah, if somebody shoplifted Dark Souls and somebody bought Dark Souls they both have the game, right?

No, its not the same. Just play the game the way its supposed to be played!

radphil2924d ago

But...they both still have the game by your analogy.... >_>

NovusTerminus2923d ago

And. I. Am.

But what happens if someone loses their data, and use it to get back up in level.

Ya know, your analogy does not make sense. You are talking about breaking the law. PvP is what normally is popular, and that is the people who are going to use this.

speed level to where everyone fights and join in fighting. I only do the (Botched, and barely functioning) Co-Op.

I don't use it. But some will.

Nitrowolf22923d ago

who ever disagreed ith you obviously havn't been to blight town, The Swamp, and parts of dark root. I mean even fire stone drops

grahf2924d ago

Fix item consumption on failed attempts to invade due to server issues.

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