NPD: Gears of War 3 Can't Save September 2011 From Another Loss

The NPD issued their report for September 2011, and once again sales are down, this time by 6 percent. The month saw $1.16 billion in retail sales compared to $1.23 billion for September 2010.

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Sickr2921d ago

Have you seen the prices of games in-stores lately? They're ludicrous. No wonder the causal gamer isn't dipping into his or her pockets for games as much these days.

Kur02920d ago

Prices have been the same since this gen started. I think the problem is games like CoD are causing people to ignore more niche games.

GameGambits2920d ago

Was there a lot of niche games even released in September? September's sales being down have more to do with the fact that jack shit came out when compared to other months.

Look at November of this year... how is there ANYWAY for that month to not see a sales boost when compared to 2010? 9+ AAA games so that there is something for everyone.

What they needed was more top caliber games throughout the year so consumers have the money to spend at a monthly rate, and not wait for 1 month of flood at the end of the year and then be forced to make a choice to purchase only 1-2 things out a dozen fantastic options.

Publishers are idiots.

maniacmayhem2920d ago

I don't know what CoD has to do with game sales.

I think what it has to do with is the world economy. People don't have the available funds that they had a year ago. At least in NA the unemployment is at a record high.

You won't see overall outstanding sales until this economy gets better.

gaden_malak2920d ago

Pretty sure people blame cod for everything, even the global economy.

EVILDEAD3602920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

LMFAO @ Industry games pretending this was all on Gears of War 3 to ensure NPD #s were the same as the previous year.

It doesn't take CSI to look at the landscape of the previous year compared to this year to easily understand why there is a difference.

Last Year for the 360 Halo Reach led all of NPD games with 3.3 million sold with approxamately 17 days on the chart.

On the hardware side, the Xbox 360 slim was literally in it second full month on the market and that contributed to the 480K+ September NPD in 2010.

The last signficant event was that the PS3 launched Move in September.

This year Gears of War 3 was released a week later than Reach and only had 10 days on the chart.

Without any significant new hardware releases to counter 2010 YOY it makes complete sense that the revenue dropped overall for the year.


gamingdroid2920d ago

That and the fact that it seems games have substantially dropped in price. Not MSRP, but actual store sale prices.

2920d ago
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da_2pacalypse2920d ago

Nah, the real reason for this is because of this:

Halo > Gears of war

thrasherv32920d ago

Gears3 is a league ahead of Reach.

gamingdroid2920d ago

I like Halo, but prefer Gears.

Gears of War 3 MP is brought back that great feeling of enjoyment I used to have playing Halo 3. No game released in between those releases has brought that feeling maybe, and just maybe except for Halo: Reach.

CoD is awesome, but still doesn't bring it the same way.

da_2pacalypse2920d ago

you can talk all you want about your preference. but Halo kicks gears of war butt when it comes to sales.

gamingdroid2920d ago

I can't argue with sales! :D

You didn't specify that in your comment though so thought I chime in on my preference.

That said, I enjoy them both, so don't care whichever sells better. It's good to know you have a huge community of gamers to play with either way.

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narutogameking2920d ago

Weird. Where do you live?
Here in the US games prices have been $60 since the start of the generation. I order my games online and usually get a pretty good deal and no tax + free shipping.

GamersRulz2920d ago

as much as I hate to say that but MW3 is what gonna put some positive numbers into industry charts.

MasterCornholio2920d ago

Sales went down due to the economic crisis more than anything. Has nothing to do with Call of Duty.


2920d ago