Gran Turismo 5 Lamborghini roars through Spa Franchorchamps

Lans from TecStories writes: A Lamborghini roars through an almost lifelike looking Spa franchorchamps. There's plenty of life left in this so called golden oldie. :P

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DigitalAnalog2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Ok, if it wasn't for the car, I would have a very difficult time believing if the environment wasn't real footage. How they manage to pull off this realistic outlook considering the game is notoriously known for utilizing 2D assets is just beyond amazing. I can't imagine what happens if they manage to further optimize their engine in GT6 (if it ever comes).

elshadi2927d ago

that's why they call GT5 a race simulator
it look sooo realistic

Ducky2927d ago

Simulators have to do with physics behind the racing part, not visuals.

MastaMold2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

2 days for DLC release oh snap!

Maddens Raiders2925d ago

(well 4:00AM local) with a gang from New Zealand. Due to settings & time constraints, I ran the '08 Impul GT-R & The Kenwood NSX LM Road Car on it.

The track was nothing short of amazing having graced it for the first time, but the weather effects (pouring rain and puddles) on the course took it over the top. Colour me amazed.

pcz2927d ago

Its also amazing how people compare this game to forza, and even though this game was in development years before forza, it is still better looking.

The devs were learning how to use the ps3 while making this game, imagine gt6 on ps3, it would be totally amazing. Put forza to shame, it would be beyond question that it was superior.

M1chl2927d ago

So why bring Forza to strictly GT thread?

bennyace2927d ago


You've probably never been to a Forza thread!

pcz2927d ago

because its regarding gt. how elese can i compliment gt without comparing it to its 'competition' ?

that it looks this good in comparison to games still coming out today is amazing.

dont get offended, its no big deal

M1chl2927d ago

bennyace: You're right. I stopped coming to threads of bot hgames long ago. Because Forza vs Gt is incredibly stupid and its one of the biggest shame of gaming community. I don't even know why I clicked to this news...

pcz: I don't mean it like that, I am just worried about incoming shitstorm of fanboys...

benighted death2927d ago

In denial much? I love gt5 but stop with your stupid blind fanboys comments! Forza 4 is superior in EVERY WAYS!
but PD did a great job for spa..its does look great!

Objective2927d ago

Yep, they keep trying to believe, keeps them happy I suppose.

jaseo2927d ago

TVR Tamora at Spa Francorchamps in the rain -

Ferrari F10 at Spa Francorchamps Race in the sunshine -

TBM2927d ago

the lighting in both were awesome, and the ferrari sound was absolutely spot on. hey PD with the next set of dlc do you think we can get Mclaren, and Red Bull F1 cars?

PirateThom2927d ago

Probably not get F1 cars, due to the licencing.

The Ferrari's are older models and licenced directly from Ferrari due to whatever deal they have with the FIA.

TBM2927d ago

well that sucks, damn FIA. it would be awesome to have the top 10 teams from F1 in GT5.

also has anyone been over to GTPlanet some of the commenters are saying the journalist from hacked the file to get SPA so he could make the video lol. this generation of gamers have done nothing but complain.

i would also love for PD to put more F1 tracks in with their next dlc along with some old classics. a few more exotic's wouldnt hurt either lol.

PirateThom2927d ago

Definitely would like them to get the Singapore GP track and, honestly, I really like the Korean GP track as well, never saw a race on it until today.

plmkoh2927d ago

I think the foggy weather effects makes it look more realistic because lighting is a lot softer.

JAMurida2927d ago

Pretty much. IMO, the game looks it's best in cloudy rain weather, or night racing.

SH0CKW4VE2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

its pretty but that sounds nothing like a lamborgini at all but the Cockpit View is imacculate, it looks 10x better than Forza 4 and the driving looks alot more true to life.

Just a shame about the non premium cars looking like shite (unless this update fixed that) and the sounds of the cars being way off.

EDIT: praise and give legitimate criticisims and they still attack you unless you say the game is perfect.

Denethor_II2927d ago

You mean you have yet to play the update?

r2kcipher2927d ago

i never knew how important sound could be until forza 4.
polyphony better take note..

this gives me chills

GoldenPheasant2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The difference, my sugar cookie, is that gt5 is truly dynamic in its sound, not as if your head is taped to the part of the vehicle that holds the motor, all while being able to listen to the exhaust notes at the same time as if ure standing right behind the vehicle. The best car sounds in gt5 are in the replay as the camera pans low and behind your car. If unrealistic vrrrooooooommmmmmm all the time is so important, there are many racing games available, just not this sim.

Edit: and who said this sim is perfect? I could tear this thing apart in criticism. Yours is just poorly constructed and didnt hold merit.

r2kcipher2927d ago

did you watch the video the sound in forza 4 is amazing and without a doubt better then gt5 and forza 3. i know this is a gt5 article and all but, as a fan of the gt series i want better sound recording in the next one.


GoldenPheasant2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You totally, totally! Missed the point, just because you saw the word unrealistic, you got your panties in a bunch because you think im taking a stab. Hun, if its so much better, then go play your game...then you can hear the same car noise even when your REFERENCE point is sitting on the bonnet, the trunk, hanging of a door....or playing soccer, because in real life, thats how it would be. Right?

r2kcipher2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

maybe i did but i think we just share a difference of opinion you seem to like dynamic sound and i like realistic sound effects. dynamic sound effects mean nothing to me if all of them sound pretty much the same. i think we can both agree that a Marriage of the 2 would be amazing.

edit: you also seem to think i dont play both the forza and gt series which is false. in fact i play gt more then i ever will forza because of the physics and wheel support.

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