BioWare- Is All The Hate Justified?

GB: "For a long time now, BioWare has been counted amongst not only the top RPG developers in the gaming industry, but the top game developers period. They’ve delivered several games that simply took our- and many others’- breath away, like the Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights and more recently, the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age: Origins.

However, in light of recent events, BioWare have started receiving more hate than respect, more disgust than love. Dragon Age II, people say, was the beginning of BioWare’s downfall, and that even with the Mass Effect series, they’re trying to attract the “Call of Duty” crowd. But is it fair to “hate on the”, as we say, after all BioWare has done in the past many years?"

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Rowland2930d ago

not hate, just lost respect as they've sold their soul to the casual gamer by seriously compromising what once made them great.

Look at what Bethesda are about to do with Skyrim - they've made their flagship RPG more accessible yet retain all the complexity, open worldness and non-linear gameplay that keeps their games & The Elder Scrolls in particular leagues above anything else every time one is released - puts Bioware to shame.

ReservoirDog3162930d ago

Exactly. It's not hate, it's just unease. It feels like the great developer we all loved is slipping away from us slowly.

EVILDEAD3602930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

LMAO @ a few PC rpg elitists who went at Dragon Age 2 on Metacritic considered as a sweeping hate for Bioware as a whole..newsflash it isn't. It's simply one game that wasnt recieved as well from a segment of fans and critics.

But DA2 has nothing to do with other games under the Bioware umbrella.

I'll use Mass Effect 2 since the author pretends that somehow people thought it was pretending to attract the Call of Duty crowd? WTF?? Talk about a statement not even close to the truth.

Mass Effect 1 was amazing for it's time, but Mass effect 2 blew the lid off of the series and nothing comes close to replicating what Bioware pulled off with ME2.

Who cares if you have few haters, you don't have Mass Effect 2 reaching a metacritic score of 96 with 98 reviewers if the game sucks.

Who cares if you have a dozen haters who have 10 accounts of 3 websites. Who cares if a few fan bloggers come at Bioware for a game that tried to appeal to a wider fan base. As long as Bioware keeps making amazing games and franchises then millions of fans like will still continue to suppport their titles for a long time to come.


BattleAxe2930d ago

Well since I'm more focused on bashing John Carmack for being stupid today, I'll just say no, the hate isn't justified.

Abriael2930d ago

LOL. Blind fanboy article is blind fanboy article.

While I appreciate past Bioware games, they called the negative reaction upon themselves. This is what happens when a developer decides that the fanbase that brought them where they are now isn't that important anymore.

And honestly, saying that CD Projekt has nothing on Bioware is as laughable as it comes. The Witcher 2 blows any game Bioware made recently out of the water without much trouble. Skyrim looks like another example of a game that will put Bioware to shame.

Less fanboy glasses, please.

Baka-akaB2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Cd projekt was always miles ahead . the article is ridiculous , they embarrassed Bioware themselves with their own glitchy and buggy aurora engine for the first Witcher game . And while they took time , dragon age was in dev limbo for as long , for a much inferior result , in story , gameplay and aesthetic .

It's ok to deend them but dont try trashing great studios in the process .

As for the real meat of the debate , they do deserves the flames a bit .

I remember them being so smug and arrogant . Enough to even trashfinal fantasy and the jrpg genre in general .

Well here we are with DA2 as their "own FFXIII" , and not nearly as many fans still there to defend and like the game . Nor even the same sales figures

limewax2930d ago

Well to be honest SE are worth so much they would have a hard timing going out of business before they corrected their mistakes.

Bioware on the other hand are much more frail as a company, And the arrogance they bring with them doesn't really help them. Mass Effect will always be my favourite game they made and not the sequels. Bioware actually openly admit they are taking it the opposite direction

Tony P2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

The funny thing is, The Witcher and ME aren't all that different. My dissatisfaction is not about the RPG elements or the complexity of the story or any of that.

It's really about the customers.

While CDProjekt has bent over backwards to satisfy its fans, BioWare has decided it's fine to leave a fraction (the original supporters more or less) out in the cold.
And all the while, they brag arrogantly that everything they do is right, only stopping to offer condescending apologies that blame the customers when their games get bad reviews or sales.

As a long time fan, I still like their games mostly. But I put very little stock in anything they say these days.

WarMachine5392930d ago

Dragon Age: Origins 2 was a sacrilege. Poor gameplay, poor graphics . . . . . . . . just unquestionably poor. Talk about resting on your laurels.

pctrollv42930d ago

oh bioware, you are just dead in my books. MP is me3, mp is da3 will happen, da2 was shit and the way you milk your costumers...witcher 2 blows da2 out of the water anyday and it was only a dx9 8 million dollar game made by 20 ppl...carmack, bioware, crytek and epic. Once considered GODS in the pc market and gaming industry have sunk so low in order to get to "COD" numbers.

TheOtherTheoG2930d ago

Not really, to be honest there was very little of it before Dragon Age II, and whatever there was before it tended to be quashed fairly readily. Dragon Age II wasn't a good game, that's for sure, and in many ways it reflected pretty much every thing wrong with the gaming industry today, but their other games, ME2 included, were fantastic, and pretty much everyone saw them as that, until DA2 came out and now everyone's turned on their past work as well.

So is in unjustified? Possibly, as long as they don't proceed to repeat the mistakes they made with DA2 in future titles, then we have something serious to worry about, and hence people are feeling uneasy, but that isn't a reason to discredit ME3 or any of their past work as immediately being bad.

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