Developers Should Rethink Boss Battles

As certain games rise in popularity, we see others emulating their best bits. Unfortunately this results in a stagnation of new ideas. A perfect example of this is Boss Battles in Action games.

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ThichQuangDuck2928d ago

After playing gears of war 3 could not agree more. Also hearing about Deus Ex HR boss battles. Last generation boss battles were tough you did not when first seeing them know how to beat them at times making you want to look up online how to beat them , but the true reward was in figuring it out yourself. Now it seems they just throw boss battles in and say shoot it a lot or hit it in the back for massive damage. Bring back MGS snake eater style bosses or shadow of colossus epic bosses and I will be happy and actually feel successful and not just relieved when I defeat a boss.

NoOoB1012928d ago

Hopefully Last guardian brings some of that back.

Hockeydud192928d ago

Good lord the last boss. How many times did you really have to burn the shit outta that thing? 7 times was it?

ThichQuangDuck2928d ago

It was just mindless, there is a point of fun and just repetitive and seeming like they gave up on something that could have been unique.

@NoooB101 I plain and simple am amazed at every outing by Team ICO an appreciate that they do not crank out sequels and believe Last Guardian will deliver unique gameplay whenever it does arrive I will be buying a PS3

LawlessSXE2928d ago

I hope that Rising brings back some of those really intelligent boss fights for the MGS series. MGS4 had some really good ones, but nothing like the earlier games.

Rainstorm812928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I agree hongkongphooey, the first time i had to fight "The End" in MGS3 it was about an hour long fight... Patiently waiting and searching for him only for him to be standing behind me with a shotgun to my back.....Now that was a very unique boss fight.

One of my favorite boss fights in gaming, these days devs feel the need for games to cater to every level of gamer so many boss fight hold your hand throughout the battle.

My brother is a COD generation gamer and it took him two separate tries to defeat the first colossus on SOTC, it wasnt until i explained how to fight them did he get how to play the game and is now loving it.... You should feel like you made an accomplishment when defeating a Boss

Hozi2928d ago

I remember that old bastard. Luckily I killed him the first time I saw him with a sniper rifle before you got to fight him in the woods.

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dark-hollow2928d ago

Bosses fights used to be something epic and challenging.
Now it just eye candy with shiny effects everywhere. (gears of war 2)

one2thr2928d ago

Good thing From Software knows what their doing :)

Pintheshadows2928d ago

Not all developers struggle at bosses though. Demons Souls, Ninja Gaiden and God of War have great bosses. However games with shoot the glowing weakspot mechanics need some work.

nolifeking2928d ago

They seem to be exceptions this gen. Boss fights have become something I dread rather than look forward to gen, and don't even get me started on how often they're just missing.

Perjoss2928d ago

I quit playing World of Warcraft quite some time ago but I do miss how they used to program the boss fights, you had to probe around to find patterns and weaknesses before actually going for the kill. I'm surprised more developers do not borrow ideas from Blizzard.

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