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Carl B. of writes, "id Software, the first true pioneers of the first person shooter genre, have finally released one of their largest projects to date: RAGE. Does RAGE move the genre forward, or is id Software behind the times?"

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Brosy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Butthurt by Carmacks recent critiquing of the PS3? It sure as hell seems like it judging by this bullshit score. Talk about gaming journalism at it worst. This is about as bad as it can get for a site looking for crediability. Is he looking for hits while taking a potshot at Carmack, it sure looks like it to me. Cry me a river

@Desert Turtle
I don't need to read it, I can look at the score and tell this site is full of ****.

Desert Turtle2922d ago

I take it you didn't read the review.

BattleAxe2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Brosy, go sit in the corner and slap your ding dong around for a bit while you play the 55/100 rated RAGE game on your platform of choice.

Iroquois_Pliskin2921d ago

Brosy, reviewers also have to rate the performance of the game on their platform of choice. I guess what most affected the score was the fact that the ps3 was a shoddy port.

Moduserous2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I would have to disagree with you Brosy - I found RAGE to be quite bland and I have to agree with the author - bargain bin material.

One need look no further than the meta score - it's not exactly a runaway success.

You sound like an iD software fanboy to me. Doom was a revolution in gaming, yes, and Doom 3 I thought was great despite the flashlight issue but that doesn't have to mean everything Carmack does is gold.

Look at Lucas Arts - what went wrong there?

Apocwhen2921d ago

Um, the metacritic score is 80+ for this game.
If you are passing on games that get an average of 80+ then boy, you are missing out on some great games.

4lc4pon32921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I agree with you completely MOD. I thought Rage was very poorly done and boring as hell. I had a really hard time keeping focused.

I am glad I rented it

Ser2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I agree with the review. Try actually reading it before shooting off your mouth.

I'd personally give it a 6/10, though. Not impressed with this title at ALL, and I was waiting for it ever since it was announced. Big disappointment.

jc485732922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

with the hype and all, I feel sorry for the people that bought the game and ended up hating it in the end.

If you liked the game, then good for you.

StraightPath2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

This looks like a damage control piece from what john said about the ps3, how pathetic. Deal with it multiplatform at times look stunning on Xbox 360. Some people so hurt :'( lol

More funny thing is RAGE is higher metacritic then Resistance 3 and same as KZ3 at 84% so much of a flop in PS3 fanboys vision. Oh that means they are also saying KZ3 and Resistance 3 are a terrible failures too good.

So PS3 users agree that KZ3 is a massive failure and overhyped from the things they saying about RAGE. John a genuis, u N4G fanboys are nobodies


Troll is obvious @ brosy :/

RBLAZE19882921d ago

It really deserves a 55 score. I have it on pc and even the higer resolution graphics (marginal) don't save this game from being a lifeless post-apocalyptic snooze fest. It's like they took doom, took all of character out of the combat, stuck in some cirque de solei mutants and added in totally laughable rpg lite elements and smushed it all into a large empty wasteland where only the background has high res textures and everything in front of you looks like Doom 3 on low settings...Don't agree I have steam pictures from the game

Take a look I'm so happy I only payed 27 bucks for this. I knew since launch it wasn't worth 60 bucks but IDK if it's even worth 27. Crysis just went up on psn and XBLA and it's only 20 bucks and still is a better game then RAGE. It Arguably looks better too.

Mr_Lu_Kim2921d ago

Wow that does look like shit... thanks...

Glad I am torrenting it now lol. 78.6% done :-)


""Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is post-apocalyptic, yet there’s almost no brown in the entire game.""

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RoboSpiff2922d ago

I wasn't impressed with rage. It felt pretty standard stuff to be honest. Maybe a 65 or 70. Maybe. Maybe.

SageHonor2922d ago

Yeah and the worse part is this thing took 8GB out of my harddrive lol

limewax2922d ago

took 22Gb of mine, And took 7 and a half hours to beat......

WetN00dle692921d ago


7 hours? You are full of ****!

Eiffel2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


Lolwut? Let me guess, you rushed through it as fast as you could, ignoring all side quests and upgrades to be made, and asked yourself. Why the game was so short.

I wonder why. Lmao. I'm eleven hours in on nightmare and I'm doing any all side quests within an area before continuing through the story. Try it sometime, you'll actually get a better experience if you take your time. I can only imagine how you handle RPGs bro.

AronDeppert2922d ago

I thougt it looked like a crappy game myself.

MasterCornholio2922d ago

I didn't buy it because it looked mediocre to me. Carmack isn't a very good dev in my opinion. His games always have great visuals but they lack in the gameplay department.

Just my opinion.


Grimhammer002922d ago

So much hate.
I enjoyed it. Took me 22hrs on nightmare difficulty and doing all side jobs.

Wasn't amazing but was very good.

Just my opinion.
(racing was fun)

Pintheshadows2921d ago

You echo my sentiments. I really enjoyed Blue Line station. I had my trusty hardened sentry bots with me to help out. They are a bit suicidal though.

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