gamrReview: Dark Souls Review

"Don’t let all those advertisements about dying over and over again scare you away, because I promise it’s worth it. Dark Souls may have some areas that are annoyingly cheap, and some that are apparently far too much for your console to handle, but it also has some of the most satisfying feelings of accomplishment you can get from just playing a game. There’ll be highs, and there’ll be lows, but it’s not to be missed." - Karl Koebke

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Spectator12925d ago

*cue inevitable debate about how difficult it is*

brish2925d ago

It's more difficult than winning an argument with a woman during monthlies ... but not as dangerous!!!

GabeLogansBitch2925d ago

I was listening to my friend play this in another room, and he kept screaming "YOU F**KING CHEAP SON OF A C**T!!!! HOW THE F**K AM I MEANT TO BEAT THAT F**KING THING!?! ARE YOU F**KING SERIOUS!?!"

An hour later he comes out and says "THIS IS MY F**KING FAVOURITE GAME EVERRRRRRR"

Runa2162925d ago

Can't wait to play it!

Solidus187-SCMilk2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Im guessing that hes talking about the Depths as being the part where the console couldnt handle it, because in that area the frame rate could get pretty choppy. but I was still able to make it through that part without alot of trouble.

Funny thing happened to me the other day in ths game. I went through that crest door in the forest and fought all those forest protector guys. Then I talked to the cat and joined their group. I was looking forward to invading and hunting people that go into the forest as a member of their group. But i went back to the bonfire and forgot that they were good and accidentally attacked one of them and they went hostile.

I had to kill them all and the cat said I had betrayed them and I would pay dearly. I think my name is now in that book where people are supposed to invade and kill me. LOL

Too bad, I thought killing the people that came into the forest would be awesome, especially now that my guy has some awesome robe armor that looks like the grim reaper now. Now im on the bad list and will be hunted...

fluffydelusions2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

blighttown is the worse I've seen. Demon Souls also had issues at parts. Don't think it's the consoles fault but rather the engine as it's pretty old and not the greatest. I've seen plenty more demanding games that didn't drop frames like this game.

Solidus187-SCMilk2925d ago

OHHH YES YOU ARE CORRECT. I MEANT BLIGHTTOWN, NOT THE DEPTHS. I think it was all the wooden platforms, huge open spaces and stuff.

Yeah all the game has been pretty smooth except BLIGHTTOWN. I agree its just the game too as it seems like with a little more polish or optimizations that area wouldnt be so bad.

JsonHenry2925d ago

Yeah, my screen stuttered quite a few times during blight town.

MysticStrummer2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

All you have to do is pay to have your sins absolved. It's expensive (your level x 2000) but it removes your name from the book of the guilty and resets any NPCs you pissed off. I think just talking to that cat is a sin for me. lol I spent a good part of yesterday letting myself be summoned as a phantom into that forest, helping people in human form to kill the Forest Hunters who invaded their game. I killed the wolf boss twice with other people before I was able to get it done in my game. Great fun.

Pintheshadows2925d ago

Like Demons Souls, I wouldn't say it's difficult. It is just incredibly demanding.

They say in football (soccer) that if you make one defensive mistake it can cost you the game. I see Dark Souls in the same way. One misjudgement or mistake and you are punished. With death.

I've only played for 2 hours but so far my deaths have been due to my error. I'm totally for that.