Top 5 PS3 Games You Haven't Played

GP blogger, TylerxDurden writes, "To put it lightly, the early days of the Playstation 3 were bleak. An extremely high price combined with a thin game library kept hardware adoption rates low and software adoption rates even lower. In these dark days the PS3 still managed to produce a few glimmers of hope. The problem was that there were few PS3-owners to give notice.

Not only are the next five games titles you probably missed, they are some of the most imaginative titles on the console. Without further adieu, here are the top five PS3 games that you have yet to play."

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Relientk772926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

3D Dot Game Heroes
Valkeria Chronicles

all amazing games, PS3 owners should play

colonel1792926d ago

I started playing 3D Dot Game Heroes just now. LOL

I played all of the games listed except for Siren. They are really great games. Too bad when they came out it was super cool to hate on the PS3. If one of those game came out tomorrow, they would sell very well, especially Heavenly Sword.

The thing that killed it for me in LAIR, was the lack of a radar. I never had issues with the motion controls at all, but not knowing where the enemies were, and had to turn around every second was pretty annoying.

ReservoirDog3162926d ago

Yeah Lair was pretty terrible because of that. I just gave up on it cause it wasn't worth it. I never could figure out what was going on because there wasn't an actual radar and that dragon vision was a poor substitute.

Honestly, Lair deserved all the 6s it got.

And yeah, 3D Dot Game Heroes was really fun. Everyone should look it up. It's about $10 on ebay.

Max Power2926d ago

I just started playing 3D Dot Game Heroes in Splunker mode, then From mode after that.

Insomnia_842926d ago

Dragons.... with radars.... lol

colonel1792926d ago

Insomnia: I agree, but developers should have found a way to implement sort form of radar. It is a video game after all.

guitarded772925d ago

Sadly, 4 of the 5 games on the list never got trophy support, which hurt them in the long run. All excellent games that I have had the opportunity to play. Lair not only suffered from no trophies, but initially only allowed for the 6-axis control scheme, but later got a patch for regular controls, which made the game better.

ABizzel12925d ago

I've played all of them.

Heavenly Sword was a great hack and slash early int he consoles life, short, but still really good.

Warhawk sold way more than that, they just don't track the digital copy sales since it was one of the first PS3 games to go digital and hit retail. Warhawk is probably my most played PS3 game so far. Not my favorite, but it's highly addictive, and I can't wait for Starhawk next year.

Lair. The bad apple of the bunch. Lair had a horrible control scheme, and it just wasn't interesting. The control patch fixed the first problem for the most part (there were still problems like getting through tutorials since it was still asking for motion controls), but the game was just OK.

Siren is probably the best horror game this gen, and unfortunately a lot of people missed out on it because it was PSN only in the States. Where Silent Hill has failed, Siren definitely succeeds, and offers plenty of thrills. Hopefully this will come to PS+ sooner or later so more people can get the chance to play it. Go download the demo on the store and try it out.

Folklore, was probably the most original game this gen. It was a simple RPG, that was a hybrid of Pokemon and a very basic action game. It had a very interesting concept, and a great art direction. I was really hoping Sony pushed forward with this one more, but I guess not. WIth touch and motion controls this would make a great game and showcase for the PS Vita if they want to revive it there. Maybe take the elements for Folklore and come up with something special, it has huge potential.

AngryTypingGuy2925d ago

I was gonna ask if what the article said about Lair is true, but I think I'll avoid that game like the plague. May check out Heavenly Sword though.

Deputydon2925d ago

Siren honestly is a scary game. It's actually survival horror. You don't get much use of weapons really at all. Most of the game is based completely on a horror/stealth type of gameplay. It started to get ridiculously difficult towards the end though when you ended up having to use the vision thing for like 4 different guys at once...

morganfell2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Siren is for me my scariest game ever due to what was mentioned above - little weapon usage.

The issue of Lair wasn't the motion controls if you could learn to do one thing - tape your thumbs down so you do not touch the sticks. We have a tendency to put our thumbs on them and as soon as something occurred, our past experience took over and we pushed or pulled a stick. Doom set in.

The analog controls went a long way toward making things better. I never found the lack of radar an issue. If you play the game it doesn't make sense.

My problem was "Leave me the hell alone for 5 minutes and let me go after the objective."

Too many times in the middle of a moment the game jumps in and interrupts itself. The game still has incredible moments and is worth the purchase.

Heavenly Sword remains what it always was. A remarkable story with blazing combat as well as a technological achievement. Andy Serkis' work on the game absolutely shines. It, along with the first Uncharted were two games that saw more implemented to attack and sink them than any titles this generation. If it reveals nothing else it shows these games were feared by the competition for a reason. The favorite tool was to ignore them.

Of course it should have been expected when Heavenly Sword began as an exclusive for the competition, then once shoved aside was picked up by the other team.

The moment when Nariko chooses to damn herself by drawing the sword, and her father knows what she has done, is a gripping example of storytelling.

Anna Torv (Fringe) is incredible in the role of Nariko.

2925d ago
BattleAxe2925d ago

The only game that I've bought from that list is Heavenly Sword, which was awesome. I tried the Warhawk demo, and I didn't like the way the game felt, or looked for that matter. The rest of the games on that list I have absolutely no interest in.

BinaryMind2925d ago

There's a lot of great PS3 I haven't played, but Lair definitely isn't one of them.

RumbleFish2925d ago

I played Lair to the end and I liked it. The only thing that made it hard to finish was the framerate.
I'm still stuck in Folklore which has amazing game design.

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Jazz41082925d ago

I purchasedd folklore when it came out for 60 ad was told it was a rpg. It was a horrible game imo and the graphics were dated on the ps2. Maybe I didn't give it a chance as I traded it while it still held some value but I was dissapointed if you can't tell.

JsonHenry2925d ago

^^ I agree with you. Folklore was not a very good game.

tiffac0082925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It was a first generation PS3 game. So things like that where to be expected.

Daver2925d ago

All good games, Folklore had a nice story, Lair was great game I liked it a lot

kramun2925d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes was crap.

There I said it.

It was nothing but a cash-in on a game that did everything better than itself with the only exception being the graphics which it was more competent in doing.

Other than that it was a fairly dismal game and deserved to be bought only at a low price.

princejb1342925d ago

heavenly sword was a remarkable beautiful game, at least better than enslaved
sorry ninja theory but you did a mistake dropping the ip
folklore was a good game
never played lair but heard a lot of negative things about it
i loved war hawk until cod4 came out and it took over my brain

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MultiConsoleGamer2926d ago

I loved Heavenly Sword and I hope it gets a sequel.

StraightPath2926d ago

Would be nice if it had trophies patched into it.

JBaby3432926d ago

I loved Heavenly Sword. Still a beautiful game and still the best facial animation I've seen in a game.

Warhawk is still a blast to play now and then. The most balanced MP in my opinion but games can be a little difficult for me to find. Here's waiting for Starhawk.

I always wanted to try Lair but I heard so many horror stories I never did. Still though from videos I've seen it holds up graphically to games released now and is at 1080p. They must have cut graphical corners somewhere but I'm not sure where.

StrongMan2926d ago

"The most balanced MP in my opinion"

Exactly. Warhawk is the most balanced MP game and it has gun battles on foot, knifing, planes, tanks, jeeps, gun turrets, missile turrets, jetpacks, dropships, and stationary guns. All other MP games can't get a good balance with just only gun battles on foot.

PirateThom2926d ago

Warhawk was balanced but, it did something even more impressive for console games...

Server lists, server filters, ping time in ms, 4 player log in via one console with the ability to then play online... all with the same standard features like matchmaking we get now.

one2thr2925d ago

@ Strongman
It had all that and the added ability to listen to music while playing 4 player split screen, online...... WarHawk=Win!

brish2926d ago

The only game on the list I haven't played is Siren: Blood Curse.

Alpha_Gamer2926d ago

Many underrated PS3 games, but Lair is just not one of them in my opinion.

I tried so hard to like the game because I had heard stories of people enjoying it, but I failed to. Such a horrible game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2926d ago

I played lair, heavenly sword and Folklore and enjoyed them all actually.

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