Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer: Is Fan Concern Justified?

The announcement of Mass Effec 3's multiplayer mode has been met with strong resistance from both the gaming community and even some games press.

Is this fan and journalist apprehension justified?

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fluffydelusions2930d ago

As long as it's done right I don't see what the problem is.

pangitkqb2930d ago

I agree. If it is done well and compliments the single player - rather than take away from - i dont see a problem. BioWare Montreal is handling the MP, so the original Studio is still doing the single player we all know and love. That at least, is a good sign.

Rainstorm812930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

As long as it does go the way of Resident evil 5 im fine with it..... I always thought that MP would fit ME, one person could be Shepard while two friend could be the squad mates, that way only one person controls the Story....

Although i know the MP wont be like that, the more ways tto play the better

But the concern is justified, Some companies' game's Single player campaign will dwindle in quality just so they can get that "Online Multiplayer" on the Box

Nate-Dog2930d ago

Mass Effect 2 had an online pass and didn't have a multiplayer section.

xhedleyx2930d ago

Mass Effect 2's online pass sucked.

WhiteLightning2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

"Is Fan Concern Justified?"

Of course, people have been with this franchise since the start. I think people calling it and worrying shouldn't be called "whinners" or "crybabies"...there just big fans who care about a franchise and worry incase the third game ends up being crap with the multiplayer.


Well, the ones who aren't raging lunatics hell bent on proving their superiority over "fanboys" who don't agree with every conjecture and baseless assumption they make, shouldn't be called names.

Quite a bit of the "strong resistance" is nothing more than people hating change. It generally becomes apparent when they devolve into slavering beasts and explode into a fit of rage whenever someone tries to have a civilized debate about it.

MrGunny942930d ago

/care if it's in or not as long it isn't the single player studio doing it it's fine it won't change a thing

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The story is too old to be commented.