More Than Ever, PCs are Gaming's Black Sheep

When one of the most influential visionaries in PC gaming is declaring the platform to be playing second fiddle, we have no choice but to listen.

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fluffydelusions2921d ago

I hate these articles. Why must they pop up every single day. We get it PC is more powerful, will never die etc etc etc.

buckley2921d ago

Actually, that's not quite the point of the article...

JonahNL2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

So, this article took two quotes from Carmack out of context and therefor "PC's are Gaming's Black Sheep"?

Last year Carmack said he underestimated the growth of the PC's power and therefor regrets not making the PC a priority for RAGE, instead of consoles.

I just love typical PR bullshit that's interpreted as "facts".

buckley2920d ago

Nothing about the quotes was "out of context," for one. He fully explained that he believes that PCs are not the lead platform for gaming. Not sure how you could take that wrongly.

For another, the article discusses the horrendous PC versions of Dead Island as well as Rage, and how it's increasingly common for the PC versions of multiplatform games to be afterthoughts.

Sure, there's a lot of emphasis placed on a damning quote by an influential developer. But the proof is in the games themselves.

JonahNL2920d ago

I strongly disagree with Dead Island and RAGE being horrible ports. I own both games on PC and they perform a lot better than most ports. Sure, they have (had) their issues, but things have either been patched or modded by now.

buckley2920d ago

Dead Island doesn't even allow the "analog" attack control with mouse and keyboard. And it launched with a bug that made the strafing stutter, only on keyboard. So the control scheme that most people play on the PC to use was crippled from the start. Exiting menus with the mouse caused an automatic attack. There wasn't even an option to enable Vsync built in, or any other video options for that matter. And if you actually followed the gamma instructions, the game looked horrendous.

A lot of similar problems to the Rage launch, and the first Rage patch they put out made things even worse.

Rage PC version horrible port: http://forums.steampowered....

Dead Island PC version horrible port:

The point is that you should NOT have to actually MOD a game just to make it playable. If you do, guess what, it was a bad port.

AriesSiren2920d ago

god i wish pc gaming would just die already.

Mr Tretton2920d ago

PC gaming will out live you.

pandehz2920d ago

Why would u want to kill one of the main platforms that is pushing innovation in gaming

ShaunCameron2920d ago

It will never die. But it will more or less remain a fringe platform.

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TheWolverine2919d ago

More Than Ever, PCs are Gaming's Black Sheep

Thats kinda harsh...