Ex-Rare devs talk Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark - Interview

It's a CV packed with best-selling games spread out across a decade: Killer Instinct, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Kameo… we're talking, of course, about Rare.

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Sickr2924d ago

Shame their output this generation has been lacklustre compared to the days of the Nintendo 64.

fluffydelusions2924d ago

It's because when Rare was purchased by MS, most of the staff left. If I'm not mistaken a lot of them actually went over to Crytek?

enfestid2924d ago

You're mistaken. Most of the staff left before Rare was purchased by Microsoft (many to found Free Radical, which was later purchased and turned into Crytek UK), which is why Nintendo was cool with selling them. They've been a sinking ship for a long time.

Free Radical released the original TimeSplitters two years before Microsoft even acquired Rare (the second was released around the same time as Microsoft acquiring Rare), to give you an idea of how long the mass exodus had been going on.

Laxman2162924d ago

I think he means to say, the company that is now Crytek. Free Radical are now Crytek UK.

Iroquois_Pliskin2923d ago

it's a shame what MS did to Rare... They were a great dev, I wanted to see them make more hardcore games

enfestid2923d ago

@ Laxman216: I know. The rest of what he said was completely incorrect.

StarWolf2923d ago

its a shame Crytek likes copying other games with their latest COD/HALO ingredients instead of making their own game

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fluffydelusions2924d ago

That old commercial in the 2nd link is funny. 16bits!! Ah I remember those days lol.

qwertyz2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

rare did make a banjo kazooie, peferct dark and kameo for 360 so why are you leaving those out and only showing kinect sports thats not even a game ?

besides most of the original rare staff left the company a long time which is why it went to shits

colonel1792924d ago

Banjo Kazooie wasn't at all like the N64 games. Perfect Dark Zero wasn't as good (at all) as the N64 game. Kameo, I don't know, I didn't play it.

maniacmayhem2924d ago


Reading your post has confirmed that you did NOT play Perfect Dark Zero or Banjo Nuts and Bolts.

Because both those games were fun as all hell and a huge compliment to their original.

Again i have to say, why MS is sitting on these two IP's boggles the mind.

3GenGames2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Everyone is going like PERFECT DARK! 007! Lol, shows how much you know about RARE. Conkers is where it's at, best game from them hands down. And DK64 was also awesome.

m232924d ago

Conker's was an awesome game, that is the one they need to create a sequel for. I loved that game so much, and the multiplayer was loads of fun too.

3GenGames2924d ago

Well it was rereleased for 360 with it's own version, but it just isn't the rare of old and wasn't done good at all, even for being a nearly direct port....

Laxman2162924d ago

It wasnt released on 360, it was on the original Xbox. And yeah, while the single player was just as good (better, due to upgraded graphics and a better controller),they tried to completely remake the MP, which ended up sucking. The original Teddies vs Squirels game mode was so amazing!

m232923d ago

I played it on the N64, I never really got to play it on the original Xbox.

ForROME2924d ago

bring KI out already make part 3 with 1 and 2 released on arcade

tickticktick2924d ago

Killer Instinct would be nice. Rare has a killer lineup of classics I wish MS would exploit.

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