'Square Enix needs to stop making HD footage of Final Fantasy 7'

CVG says: Before we go to bed every night we drop to our knees in front of our bed, place our elbows on the clean, crisp, undisturbed sheets and clasp our hands together. We close our eyes real tight, thinking for a second, before focusing our thoughts into our hands - our conduit - and then resolutely whisper to the gaming gods, "please make Square Enix redo Final Fantasy 7 for the current generation of consoles".

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fluffydelusions2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

SE doesn't do anything that really makes sense anymore. They know people want a remake of FF7 and also they know everyone wants Versus to come out but they'd rather waste effort and resources elsewhere on things people don't really care about.

evrfighter2925d ago

I'd like to see it on the wii-u that way it comes sooner

Michael-Jackson2925d ago

Nah that will take too long. Square Enix even said it will take 10+ years for current gen consoles (don't know if serious)

I know nothing about game development but wouldn't better graphics need more polygons and time? just less optimization on newer hardware.

fluffydelusions2925d ago

@evrfighter Could SE even put FF7 on any other system besides a PS? I thought Sony contributed a substantial amount to development of the game?

consolez_FTW2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I wish SE would remake FF7 on PS4.

SE! just take all my gil and remake ff7 on PS4! T_T
redeem yourselves Square Enix!

Bull5hifT2925d ago

Id take a FF7 Remake over that Vita FF10

jadenkorri2925d ago

question is do we want a remake, anything they do for that game will ruin FF7 legacy, if they remake it. Change nothing but upgraded graphics i would be happy, but others are gonna be pissed if they don't change anything gameplay wise. Remaking FF7 would be a disaster IMO and best to let the sleeping dragon sleep. I know Square needs something big to redeem themselves. I don't think it should be ff7.

MWH2925d ago

my thoughts too. it would make a good launch title.

DragonKnight2925d ago

SE seem to be perma-equipped with a Cursed Shield and forgot that they need to release 256 good games for it to change to a Paladin Shield.

Who gets the reference?

Arnon2925d ago

Considering FFVII came out on the PC, I would say that they could.

SaiyanFury2925d ago

I'm with Jadenkorri above. I don't think I really want a remake of FFVII. It would take too long to do, and with what they've done to Cloud, I think it would annoy me more than anything. He went from being a cool character and transformed into a sort of emo-type character, at least that's how I interpret it. Plus, I preferred the anime styled art in the original game. I don't really care for the CG designs. I'll stick to the majesty of the original game. If a remake comes along eventually, I might look at it. Until then, I have my original black label FFVII and I'll stick to that.

HardCover2925d ago

A remake of the game would be a terrible idea. The tech demo only works because it's one quick scene. The entire game looking like that? They'd RUIN it.

It needs to be an HD update, not remake.

Expect to see it when SE has absolutely nothing else on the table and needs some money. They have a ton of projects going on right now. They don't need to milk the update/remake just yet. It's the ace up their sleeve, and they know it.

Marceles2924d ago

They haven't made HD footage of FF7 ever since the PS3 tech demo. They already stopped making HD footage, you just need to stop looking at it.

hay2924d ago

It should happen in 2013.

Rush2924d ago


Don't be such an idiot have you even played FF7? It has to be a remake not a HD update.

All the maps on FF7 well 90 percent of them are 2D do you know what happens when you HD 2D images?

Do you know what happens when you put FF7 characters in HD? answer they look like ass. There's not way a new FF7 game could anything other then a remake. It's not like FF10 it doesn't have easy to upgrade 3D models and settings.

HardCover2924d ago


You have no idea what you're talking about. It would look more like FFIX did, but much sharper. IF you don't think 2D high definition textures work, then you're clearly a delusional idiot.

fuzion17c2924d ago

1. FF6 Remake should be made instead of a FF7 Remake.

2. FFversus13 should be renamed FFXV.

2924d ago
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Obelisk922925d ago

I don't want to create a debate or something, but it is my opinion that SE started to suck exactly when it went multiplatform.

I mean, they f'ed up ALL of their multiplatform games.

Please SE, PLEASE make exclusives again. No matter which console you choose, just do it!

Arksine2925d ago

Things went downhill for SE when they intentionally tried to target the west. They need to stick to their strengths, and not dumb down their RPGs for the ADHD call of duty crowd that can't sit through a 5 minute cutscene.

Disclaimer: I realize that not every CoD player falls in to this category. But a large majority just want to hop online and pop some caps. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing SE creates is going to appeal to them.

dark-hollow2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Oh here we go again.

and before someone mention ffxiii, if the xenoblade chronicles developers can make the highest rated jrpg game this gen on the FRICKING WII then being a good game has nothing to do with "teh powers and teh graphicxz"

Tigerfist2925d ago

FF-X 2, FF VII Dirge of Cerberus and FF XII weren't multi-plat titles and they did suck hard.

Plus the multi-platform argument doesn't make any sense...

zeeshan2925d ago

Save for a few, every Japanese company has started targeting WEST and most of them have failed badly! How can they expect the money to flow if they can't stick to their strengths? JRPG fans love JRPS because they are Japanese RPG games and not Western RPG games.

maniacmayhem2925d ago

Why would a game being "EGGSGLUSIVE" make it any better?

So funny how people think on n4g.

Obelisk922924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

@Tigerfist: FFX-2 and XII were good games. Not "classic FF level", but still good games.
Dirge of Cerberus is not even an RPG... it was destiny it would've sucked. LOL

@maniacmayhem: Maybe because, going multiplatform, they started to care more about the graphics than the game itself?

Actually, I don't know the reason, I just know it's happening. And it's not good.

Tigerfist2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"FFX-2 and XII were good games. Not "classic FF level", but still good games."

Seriously... Did I just read that?

Those games are so fucked up that I don't even know were to start...

"Dirge of Cerberus is not even an RPG"

Dirge of Cerberus is an action-rpg... Final Fantasy Versus XIII is also coming out as an action-rpg.

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Sam Fisher2925d ago

you ppl need to understand that se dont want to take out their best product. they want to take out other things to bring them back up, if nothing else works take out the trumph card. i understand their strategy

Tigerfist2925d ago

So, instead of moving on and making a brand new game (a brand new final fantasy chapter that is) that answers the prayers of all of the die hard fans, they give us a pseudo-remake of something we already don't like and will hardly change on that matter.

Yup, wonderfull and logic piece of strategy.

LadyGaga2925d ago

Square are probably keeping a FF7 remake as their ace up their sleeve just in case things get very rough for them financially and they need a quick buck.

BinaryMind2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Did the guy who asked the FFVII question realize that video is over five years old? "Stop making HD footage of it!" Yeah, they did... five years ago.

SpaceGhost2924d ago

they have rereleased the old 8bit-16 bit games excluding 5/6 unles you count the ps anthology or the gba "remakes" Final Fantasy 8 or 10 I belive is getting an hd remake I belive. I want an updated graphic version of 6, that keeps true to the graphics and doesn't cartoonify them like in 4.

Tanir2924d ago

alot of you dont understand how long it would take, fully realizing such complex cities in HD like midgar and all of the entire world map in HD without making cloud a giant next to the cities like it was before, they would have to fully render midgar instead of use pre rendered and fixed camera's. that would take architectural know how, tons of people to do that alone. TONS of voice work,

its not as simple as just keeping it the same. cuz im sorry a big headed fat cloud in HD walking on the world map and in the cities would be a complete fail.

final fantasy cities arent your typical huts and castles like in western games.

but ofcourse people dont think because they dont do the work.

a ps2 graphic version would be alot more realistic

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Relientk772925d ago

Stop teasing us with FFVII, and remake it already

PooEgg2924d ago

I think that the reason they won't do a remake is that the hype would be so high on a FFVII remake that it would be hard to actually meet expectations. If a FFVII remake fails, for any reason, it will effect the entire series.

Lovable2925d ago

People should stop bitching about it, and sites like cvg should quit reporting any kind of news at all. That tech demo was shown like a couple of years ago...nothing was shown lately to give thought that there will be a FF7 remake.

2925d ago
Rainstorm812925d ago

Right, i came in and read the article thinking SE put out new FFVII footage.... Cant keep crying over an old ass tech demo

Sickr2925d ago

I still can't believe the rumour about a Final Fantasy X HD remake rather than Final Fantasy VII.

HannibalBarca2925d ago

Its not a rumor, FF10 is coming to the vita and ps3.

NegativeCreep4272925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

who are clamoring for a FFVII remake. If SE now sees a remake of Final Fantasy X as a financially-viable project, then they sure has hell should see the same in a remake of FFVII.

whothedog2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Yeah I don't want to play 10 or X.

iamtehpwn2925d ago

@ whothedog - learn your roman numerals, X is 10.

whothedog2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Yes I know that. FFX sucked though. :)

gaden_malak2925d ago

10 was pretty average. But then again, I loved FFXII.

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lumley6662924d ago

yes i cant wait for 10, but 7 was just a class of its own, as well as ff9, which is to date my 2nd fav game of all time