Final Level: Rage Review

"The wait is over, personally my most anticipated game of the year, but was it all really worth the wait?

Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda, Rage is a first person shooter set in the barren wastelands of Earth, torn from it’s former glory by the Apophis asteroid in 2029 and turning the world into a much darker place to live.

In a last resort to save mankind an operation known as The Eden Project was started placing a selection of humans inside pods known as Arks, freezing them until the catastrophe was over."

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GamersRulz2922d ago

I wonder why most rage reviews don't start with " after 7 years of development......."

they burned GT5 for its 5 years development.

Laxman2162922d ago

Because GT5 had its 'prologue' 5 years before it came out, and was essentially an extended version of it with no dramatic updates to gameplay or graphics, leading everyone to question just what the hell PD did with thier time.

GamersRulz2922d ago

Man, you need to get your facts straight, GT5 prologue released 2008, GT5 released 2010. you said that Prologue released 2005 ?! that was even before the PS3 itself !!

Laxman2162922d ago

2007, actually.

But my apologies, I was under the impression it came out at the same time as the PS3 (I picked my PS up in 2008, and Prologue then).

But still, with 3 years to work on the game after the engine was designed and even released in a full retail game, the final product was a mess (in context). When you look at most games, 3 years of development will result in an extremely well polished product. With GT5, the game was obviously in development way before the Prologue's 2007 release, and yet with still another 3 years, it ended up adding little more than the whole selection of cars, tracks and upgrades. Look at comparison videos of the Prologue and full game, and its far from 3 years ahead graphically, and even in the core aspects of gameplay.

And THAT is why reviewers made mention of its lenghty development cycle. If Rage released a 'Rage Mini' or something, that gave us 1 or 2 weapons, a single car and a few missions 3 years ago, and they released the full game this year with the same engine and little graphical and gameplay updates, it would have gotten a mention.

TheWolverine2921d ago

Back on subject, RAGE = 6/10...