Watch us game for charity for 24 hours live! (Destructoid)

Destructoid: "Destructoid's Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon is here! Streaming from Topware Interactive in the Bay Area, come watch as your favorite staff members on the West Coast play games for 24 hours straight while we ask for your donations to benefit Children's Miracle Network hospitals. By donating, not only are you helping children but you also have a chance to win prizes from our $10,000 pile of goodies. Check below for our stream, and click the link below to head to our Donate Page!"

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hotskys2926d ago

Destructoid? no thanks.

Pikajew2926d ago

I think gaming for charity is stupid. If you want to help, donate money you make from a job and donate it, You dont need to game to influence you to donate. You can also volunteer to help a hospital instead of gaming for 24 hours.

Tarantino_Life2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

If Jim Sterling eats less there would be more things available for charity