Silent Hill Downpour rated '15' by BBFC. Will feature 101 minutes of cut-scenes

"The BBFC has rated Silent Hill Downpour, revealing that the final game will feature at least 101 minutes of cut-scenes."

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SwilloTGL2924d ago

High hopes for this one

Acquiescence2924d ago

I'm not entirely sure where your concerns stem from.

Blacktric2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

A Silent Hill game made by a no name Czech developer that has a soundtrack that isn't made by Akira Yamaoka and has a song made by KORN in it. Is this enough or do you want me to keep going? Jesus Christ. I'll tell you what's going to happen when you play the game. The game will start off like a decent horror game and then in five minutes, you'll end up fighting long haired "zombie" girls who're trying to "eat you" just like they showed it in the E3 2011 walkthrough. Downpour is another pathetic excuse to milk the series which died when Konami disbanded Team Silent. You won't find any kind of proper symbolism. You won't find any kind of f*cked up characters that has brilliantly written dialog. It's just going to be another action heavy horror game that happens the have Silent Hill in its name. Oh and Silent Hill 1-2-3 were released before 2004 which is the time that BBFC got more strict when it comes to ratings and that's why Silent Hill 4 and Homecoming got 18 eventhough they both had same amount of disturbing imagery as the first three games.

aCasualGamer2924d ago


You got owned.

Agree with Blacktric, this game won't be what fan expects from a Silent Hill game.

NarooN2924d ago

LOL @ Team Sirent fanboys. Konami never "disbanded" Team Silent. The only Team Silent there ever was was the one for SH1, because that's what Keiichiro Toyama named it. He was the creator of SH and he left right after SH1 came out to join SCEJ.

There never was a consistent team developing SH1-4. Only a small handful of the people who worked on SH1 came back to work on subsequent titles. Most people who worked on the games were just people who came in from the KCET department. The dev team was a revolving door of people; go check the credits and you'll see. Maybe three or four people worked on more than one game in the series.

With that out the way, I don't even see why guys like you who claim to be "fans" even bother commenting when you write the new games off before even playing them.

Another "action" game? The devs have already stated that you're highly encouraged to avoid combat, not encouraged. And are you forgetting games in the series like SH1 & 2 which SHOWERED the player with tons of health and ammo with which to slaughter monsters with? "Bu bu but, it's not about combat!!" Yeah, knew you'd think that. Neither is this game, but those games still gave you guns and tons of ammo to burn through, and shooting them was usually a better option than fleeing or anything else.

The Korn song, which isn't even really a Korn song, really just a solo track from JD, only plays in the main menu and the opening video, and you can skip it at the press of a button. Unless you plan on sitting at the main menu for ten years, the song isn't even an issue, so I dunno why people like you decide to pull that card every time.

And the Czech guys aren't "no names". They came from other studios with many years of experience, they aren't no-name by any means. And Akira's music really did start to get stale in later titles, you can easily tell he was tired of doing the same thing over and over.

The only one who got owned here was you, and any other fanboys who spout their mindless Japanophile dribble. Stop being stuck in the past.

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Sam Fisher2924d ago

some how i feel like kojima was involved with this.... (memories from mgs4)

Mr Tretton2924d ago

uh, MGS4 had 8 hrs of cutscenes

Although it looks like you're doing a fanboy troll, 'Sam.'

Phantom-Tommy2924d ago

A silent hill game rated 15, that's not a good sign.

Acquiescence2924d ago

The worst games in the franchise (The Room, Homecoming) were rated 18, while the rest of them have been rated 15 (1, 2, 3, Origins, Shattered Memories). Surely this is a good thing, as it suggests that the more disturbing darker material is implied rather than being shoved in your face for shock tactics (remember the torture scene in Homecoming?)

Phantom-Tommy2924d ago

oh i didnt realise, I can understand 3 being rated 15 but I always thought 2 was rated 18. either way, this will never match silent hill 2.

jc485732924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I was checking the rating for other Silent Hill games and they do fall under the rating of 15, which is kinda weird.

HarryMasonHerpderp2924d ago

I think this could be a pretty good game when its released next year but i think it will be a terrible silent hill game.Remove silent hill from the title only the japanese can save this franchise to what it originaly was.

n4gisatroll2924d ago

I hate everyone saying this one will be terrible. I and my girlfriend really can't wait for this one. She's a little turned off on it because of the lack of scary monsters, but it looked good from what I saw.

Morbius4202924d ago

Maybe you're both suffering from wishful thinking and nostalgia.