Steam Deal Of the Day- The Last Remnant

Steam’s deal of the day for October 15th is The Last Remnant. Also the sale will end in 24 hours, hence the “deal of the day”, so you have until 1pm EST or 10am PST tomorrow to grab this deal. Below is a description on the game as well as some important information.

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TitanUp2921d ago

good deal,i love steam daily deals but a lot of times they suck the midweek madness and weekend deals are the best and the rare publisher week

pctrollv42921d ago

fuck ya..last remnant! finally on sale! imma go buy now, a masterpiece of a game! underrated gem that most ff fanboys cant play cause its not ff...this long wiht lost odysey and osme of the tales series, best jrpgs this gen.

Myze2921d ago

Eh, the game may have been underrated by those sites giving it a 3/10 and such, but the game was FAR from a masterpiece.

The game you are describing sounds more like Nier. It had many flaws too, but probably the best soundtrack released this generation, and a great story, but with average visuals and an average to below average gameplay style but still an underrated game that too many people missed.

The Last Remnant was pretty much all around below average. Of course, that's my opinion, but I just don't see how anyone could call it a masterpiece.

pctrollv42921d ago

havent had the chance to try nier, but i did hear great things about it. I love last remnant on pc without its technical flaws and the battle system, plus i find it to be really challenging with an above avg story for a jrpg...opinions i guess, but i will give nier a shot when i can, i just cant get over the masterpiece lost odyssey was, and there, i believe you cant disagree..

Infernostew2921d ago

So... How about that PS3 version? lol

TitanUp2921d ago

ps3 owners/players get crapped on by square a lot this gen,when i owned the ps3 i wanted last remnant news all the time unfortunately nothing ever came out of it