Ubisoft: Yearly Assassin's Creed games suit us

Ubisoft has been releasing an Assassin's Creed game annually for the past three years, and it doesn't want to end the trend in 2012 with Assassin's Creed 3.

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TheBossMan2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I think they meant:

"Yearly Assassin's Creed games suit our wallets*."

Laxman2162924d ago

Haha, yeah I think thats what they meant. I remember it was only last month of the Devs said he would like to stop with the Annual Ass. Creed titles in an interview. But the big wigs who rake in the cash wont have any of that! MORE MONEY!

MostJadedGamer2923d ago

"I think they meant:

"Yearly Assassin's Creed games suit our wallets*."

But it sounds better if they just make up some BS like less development times gives us a edge.

ZombieAssassin2925d ago

I'd like Ac3 to have a good long development time.

cyclonus0072924d ago

I doubt it. Revelations is the end of the Ezio trilogy and Ubisoft has hinted that they are working toward the moment when the Desmond timeline intersects with the release schedule.

That's next year.

2012=Assassin's Creed III

KaBaW2924d ago

Well, if they are working on it already, it's not a year development time.
Or, I guess I should say - have been working on it. Revelations releases soon.

Sickr2925d ago

It suits me as long as the quality doesn't stop. If it does, then please rethink what you're doing.

kaveti66162924d ago

I don't know what you mean by your statement.

Certainly, each Assassin's Creed game is at least as good as the last one, but the improvements are very minor.

This means that the quality doesn't increase.

There's stagnation.

Modern Warfare is having the same problem. Each game is as good as the last (save for the MP glitches), but there's no increase in quality.

Laxman2162924d ago

Absolutely, while the quality is still excellent, the updates are so minor that its a lot less of an impact and people take a lot less notice. Look at the jump in quality from the first game to the second... then look at each of the 2 following that. Yes, they are still amazing games, but they are essentially taking the same path as Call of Duty with their annual sequels now.

KaBaW2924d ago

Actually, I believe the games have, so far, improved over the past iterations.
They've added new weapons, new techniques, new skills, new elements..

Eamon2924d ago

It's because AC1 wasn't a great game so when AC2 came out, it was a huge difference because AC2 was amazing. When ACB came out, people didn't see any difference because both games are great.

You only really appreciate the quality when the previous iteration is worse.

wsoutlaw872924d ago

every assassins creed game has been great a game, simple as that. They come with new cities and hours of new missions along with other improvements. I would rather have AC:R this year and AC:3 next then just having a slightly better AC:3 and no AC:R or have to wait 2 years between them. Its not like they havent been working on AC:3 during this time. If you want more improvements just skip AC:R and play AC:3 and theres your 2 years of improvements. They haven't let the quality of the games slip in any way.

kaveti66162924d ago

In comparison to the sequel, the previous iteration should always look like a worse game.

AC2 was by no means a perfect game.

KaBaW, adding new weapons and new fighting styles is such a minor thing.

AC: Brotherhood and AC: Revelations are extremely similar to one another.

There's no major improvement.

Modern Warfare 2 added new weapons and techniques and elements when compared to MW1, but it was still lambasted because after two years of development time, the improvement was barely noticeable.

Assassin's Creed is going down the same path. It may be a good game when you don't compare it to anything, but if you take into account all the games in the series, you can see that the series isn't improving as much as it could improve under a two or three year development cycle.

I think the fact is that Ubisoft needs to release yearly iterations because AC is a very profitable franchise for them, while they continue to lose money on their other titles.

They're doing this because their shareholders are upset.

jetlian2924d ago

with 2 year dev cycles. they have 2 teams working on it. And if you think combat isn't different between games your crazy.

it was the little changes that made AC2 better than 1. like say spears and pikes. On the surface their just new weapons but they change how you fight and how combat felt

in BH the kick made blocking impossible and the chainable assassinations made combat really fun.

name any game with major changes

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Hufandpuf2925d ago

I lost interest when it was playing AC: Brotherhood. I think the games are great, but they don't do much to differentiate themselves.

Brownghost2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Their sequels their supposed to have the same gameplay, we just need better difficulty and fixing some gameplay mechanics

Who2924d ago

I agree somewhat. I guess because Brotherhood was just a continuation of AC 2 is why it felt so similar. For me, I wanted to continue the story and I'm glad I did, I think AC:BH's fliffhanger ending was awesome.

I don't expect much improvements with Revelations but I'm still getting it because I'm enjoying the story so far. I think[hope] we'll see a great improvement in AC3.

Solidus187-SCMilk2925d ago

I bought AC 1 and 2 the day they came out, but I waited until I saw Brother hood on sale a few months later.

I probably wont play this one till next year. I know they could make a better game it they took longer on it. Im not saying they are not great games, I just think BH wasnt as big a jump from 2 as 2 was from 1.

I just am not as excited for AC as I used to be. I probably wont be excited about a new AC until the one for the next gen consoles comes out.

I will enjoy the new one but its not as exciting anymore, I think every year having one might have a little bit to do with that.

BushLitter2924d ago

Are you having trouble following the story? If not, there's no reason you shouldn't be excited

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