Battlefield 3 Main Theme Song Revealed


"Battlefield 3 is undoubtedly one of the primary shooters this holiday season, and with just over a week to go, details are still seeping out.

"Whether it be texture nonsense on a second disc, to simply more multiplayer maps, Battlefield 3 not only keeps looking better and better, but is ensuring that old fans are happy with the official third iteration.

"And pleasing old fans they have.

"The main theme song for Battlefield 3 has been revealed, and you may just fall in love."

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Proeliator2925d ago

I miss 1942, and from a fan of the series since 2003, the new theme song doesn't disappoint!!

evrfighter2925d ago

ya I'm not disappointed. I still remember the days before 1942 launch and the days before bf2 launch.

I'm as excited now as I was with the other battlefields, Cod4, World of Warcraft. BF3 is going to be something special if it's brought this sense of excitement back.

malol2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

its nice but still

those are better
but hey thats just me


I like it a lot! It does wonders when the music you hear in a game gets your adrenaline pumping right before you go scrub killing.

Areeb112925d ago

I think I've found the soundtrack to my English Presentation tomorrow.

Criminal2925d ago

Awesome theme song! I love it.

Fez2925d ago

Should have been 99 problems... get the kids involved.

Mister_V2925d ago

Dun dun, dun, dun dun dun!

FlareDReborn2925d ago

HELLS YES!!! Been waiting on this..

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The story is too old to be commented.